Artist Andy Bleile

September 9, 2009
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Zama Massage welcomes local artist Andy Bleiler for the next month.

View his paintings while waiting for your massage appointment or come on in during reception hours. You may also schedule a specific time with our receptionist to view the paintings.

Andy Bleiler, Regionalist artist

The work in this show represents my affinity for the landscape of the Pacific Northwest. The Columbia River basin is a very significant and historic place for many cultures, as well as being one of the most awe inspiring places on earth. My goal has been to capture the landscape as I see it, not only for you to enjoy today, but with the hope that future generations will be able to know what it looked like and be encouraged to preserve what remains of this beauty. I find my inspiration in the rich colors, vast spaces, and even the simple glances at the sky or the traditional places we visit each season. My wish is that you will give yourself permission to pause as you view the work, allowing yourself to be drawn into the space, appreciating the colors, scale, and quality of light represented in each one. Not only do my paintings aim to preserve the Northwest , but my habits as an artist do as well. I strive to reduce my footprint on the environment in many ways. By using a special water soluble oil paint, I avoid any of the destructive solvents in my studio, normally associated with oil painting. My canvases are either handmade using reclaimed wood, or by recycling discarded canvases. The frames used for some of the work are recycled or made from reclaimed lumber. Great care is used to ensure that as little waste as possible is generated in the creation of my work. Though working green has thankfully become a trend for many in recent days, I have seen the value of it for years. I have felt strongly that I should try to keep my impact low, not only as a socially responsible thing to do, but as a way to celebrate this beautiful world we share. My hope is that by supporting me as an artist, you will see that you are contributing to everyone's well being.

Payment arrangements can be made, to enable you to have the art for your walls that you desire, while staying within your monthly budget during these challenging times. To purchase work or inquire about commissions, please call Andy at: (360)-433-1203

Andy Bleiler is a local artist who has been working in many artistic veins for over two decades. He is a professional theatrical designer and technician, a musician, actor and writer. He is also a licensed general contractor and owner of Zone Design and Remodeling LLC.

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