Shoulder Reaglinment and Restoration Massage

January 20, 2011
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Shoulder Realignment and Restoration Massage
with Troy Lyon LMT

Over the last five years of my massage practice, I have consistently heard one common complaint from my clients: frequent soreness in the neck and shoulders, which is often a result of spending ample time on the computer. In my therapeutic approach to Shoulder Realignment and Restoration Massage, I aim to correct the root problem, realigning and positioning the shoulders back to the position where they belong.

Day after day many of us repeatedly place our shoulders in stressful movements and postures that result from some of the following activities:
~ Countless hours sitting at the computer
~ Talking on the phone with shoulder raised to the ear
~ Carrying heavy items
~ Holding the weight of the world on the shoulders

These tasks and positions place a demand on your shoulders that cause them to remain in that position, such as:
~ Shoulders rounded forward
~ One shoulder higher or lower than the other
~ Protruded neck

These positions may cause you to experience pain in many areas of your body. The most common of these areas is your upper shoulders, back, and neck due to repeated raising, lowering, and rounding of the shoulders. The muscles are pulled right along with your movements, causing you to feel pain. However, the problem is not that you have tightness in your back, but rather tightness in surrounding areas such as the pectoral, deltoid, and other regions of the neck and shoulder. These are the muscles that hold your shoulders in position.

The Solution? To address the discomfort in your neck and shoulders, you need to decrease the tension in the areas that are causing your postural distortion. Note: this is not necessarily where you are feeling your pain and discomfort. Therefore, my intention in my massage practice is to assist you in realigning your natural posture. This means that though I will spend time massaging where it hurts, I may also massage where you do not feel acute pain in an effort to free the entire region of tension to decrease pain and improve your alignment.

I incorporate many different modalities, techniques, and range of motion exercises to address this common situation. My massage may result in a little discomfort at times as I work through the tension-filled area, but I will always encourage you to endure only the discomfort that you can comfortably breathe through.

I acknowledge and appreciate your individual efforts and willingness to seek balance and wellness in your life, and look forward to working with you to reach your health and wellness goals.

To schedule an appointment, please call Zama Massage at (503) 281-0278 or use ouronline appointment maker. Please also feel free to visit my website and contact me directly.

Troy Lyon L.M.T.

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