Thai Massage

May 19, 2011
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When people think of massage they usually imagine hand to skin contact with lots of oil, a relaxing hour spent in a competent therapist's hands where tension is literally kneaded out. Thai massage is quite a different picture. You remain fully clothed and no oil is used. It is performed on a mat on the floor or a low table. Typically there is a lot of interaction as the therapist puts you in a variety of positions, many akin to yoga postures. Our clients have described it as invigorating, uplifting and energizing.

Traditional Thai massage is said to have originated more than 2500 years ago as a form of therapy to the Buddha. Since then it has been influenced by Traditional Chinese medicine, Traditional Indian medicine (Ayurveda) as well as other ancient Southeast Asian practices.

It is based on energy lines running through the body called Sen lines. During a session these lines are stimulated through gentle rocking, compression and a variety of deep stretches. Many of these techniques may seem similar to myofascial release, trigger point therapy or neuromuscular therapy. The practitioner may use their feet, forearms, elbows, fists or hands. The work is invigorating rather than painful. The idea is to free up the stagnant air or Lom that travel these lines. The rhythm of a Thai massage works closely with your breathing. A typical session will last ninety minutes or more, following a sequence that starts with the feet and encompasses the entire body.

Anyone can benefit from Thai massage, even the most fragile. It is especially recommended for people looking to increase their flexibility, who want increased range of motion in their joints and who are looking for an rejuvenating experience. Because of the emphasis on stretching, it can be unparalleled in loosening up tight hips, stiff low backs and limited shoulder movement. Recently it has even come to be called lazy yoga.

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