Please help us welcome Rory Mohon to Zama Massage

September 21, 2011
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My name is Rory Mohon and I have been practicing massage for just over six years. As a new addition to an already amazing team of therapists I felt it was important to differentiate myself and my approach to massage as well as give you a little more of my background. The modalities I am most proficient in are Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release and Trigger Point Therapy. I enjoy doing point-specific work and these modalities serve me in my approach. I prefer helping those that need relief from pain, athletes that are looking to take themselves to the next level, no matter the sport, and those who are body-conscious.

Before coming to Zama I worked in a hospital where I was able to hone my skills on patients who had recently suffered an injury, usually from a motor vehicle accident or post-surgery. A typical client would be seen two to three times a week for up to six months. This included everything from sciatica, low back pain, cervical injury and frozen shoulder to everything in between. My work gave me a unique outlook on the cycle of pain and the road to recovery as my days were filled with these cases. Repeatedly seeing these types of injuries not only gave me great insight towards the best exercises and stretches to prescribe in order to strengthen muscle imbalances but also how to approach the areas through touch.

For those that have had the good fortune of never having a sustaining injury I would like to offer some insight to what it is the body goes through and my approach to healing. After a traumatic injury the muscles contract in order to protect- typically the body wants to protect the spine. My job as a massage therapist is to "trick" your body into remembering that it was once in a relaxed, pain-free state. This takes changing the mind-body link or muscle memory on a cellular level.

Typically Myofascial Release is used first as fascia surrounds muscles on a cellular level and can cut the muscles off from blood supply by acting as a type of barrier which in turn keeps the muscle in a contracted state. Once the fascia returns to a more liquid state I turn my attention to the "knots" in the bellies of the affected muscles. I perform Trigger Point Therapy and Deep Tissue to release these areas in the muscle fibers that are contracted and hindering your full range of motion. What people don't usually realize when recovering from an injury is that this takes time and consistency in treatments.

I also enjoy working on people that aren't necessarily injured but just want to reach their full potential within their musculoskeletal system. I love fine-tuning the relationship of joints to one another and helping you to feel youthful within your own body. It is never too late to attain a new state of physical being and prowess, as evidenced by some of my clients in their 90's who still walk with a little spring in their step. It's also never too late to live a life without pain - just ask those I have relieved from pain that had persisted for twenty plus years in some cases. No matter the change you wish to produce I can help.

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