What is the difference between Deep Tissue and Sports Massage?

November 13, 2011
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Deep Tissue and Sports Massage can mean very different things to different people.
Most people ask for Deep Tissue Massage just for the level of pressure.
Our massage therapists are trained to work deeper levels of muscle tissue
using techniques that feel light but actually create a deep sense of relief. These
techniques include contract/relax and myofascial - techniques that
take time, move slowly and require participation from the client. These
techniques are designed to deeply reach your nervous system allowing your muscles to relax
and let go of their holding pattern.

With Sports massage, many people think it is just mainly for before or after participating in a sports event. Pre-event massage should consist of stretching and massage which moves blood towards
the heart. Post-event massage should include some stretching but the main focus
should be on deeper massage which focuses on moving blood into the deep
layers of muscle tissue. Sports massage is also available for those who
need a more focused massage on an area that is prone to injury. This
type of Sports massage is for those who are in a normal workout routine
and need constant maintenance.

Regular massage is very important for everyone at all levels of activity.
Hopefully this has cleared up some questions for you when you’re choosing
between Deep Tissue or Sports Massage. If you have more questions please
ask your therapist what is the best style of massage for you or give us a ring.

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