Why should I see multiple massage therapists?

June 12, 2012
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I often hear Zama guests get very attached to their therapist. "Why change when you know this works" is what I hear people say the most if their favorite therapist is not available and sometimes people will wait weeks to get back in with their favorite therapist or esthetician.

For myself I find it useful to see many different massage therapists over the course of a year. I'm very loyal to all of them but massage is like a work out. We must mix it up. Everyone knows that if you do the same work out regime time and time again your body does not benefit as much as it would if you changed your work out up. I find that getting massages is the same thing and seeing the same therapist over and over who does not change up the routine will give you minimal result.

Zama is such a great place because we have many therapists who can deliver results no matter who they see. Our focus is pain relief and all of our therapists here have many different years and many different tools in their tool box. We are cautious about saying that any one of us will meet all of your needs therefore we encourage you to see other massage therapists who can meet those needs.

Currently, I see one therapist who works only on my shoulder. It is all myofascial release massage, craniosacral and working on resetting my motor skills with that shoulder. I have experienced great success with a shoulder that has been giving me pain for the last three years. But sometimes I still just want that deep tissue/Ashiatsu oil massage for my whole body so I see a few different therapists for that. Other times I want to experience some good stretching so I get Thai massage and have a few therapists who are trained in that modality.

Hopefully this will help you overcome seeing someone else if your favorite therapist is not available. At Zama we are here to help you find the right massage therapist who can help manage your stress and pain. Call today to speak to one of specialists! 503.281.0278

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