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March 31, 2013
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Magnetic Skin Therapy: The effects of magnetism on our body

Magnetic-Skin-TherapyAs electromagnetic systems, our bodies exist in balance between and under the influence of negative and positive magnetic forces. The Earth’s crust exerts a powerful negative magnetic field, while during the day we experience the Sun’s opposite, positive magnetic force. At night, the Earth’s negative magnetic energy increases cellular oxygen, encourages deep restorative sleep, supports biological healing, reduces inflammation and relieves pain. But when the Sun comes up, its positive magnetic energy decreases cellular oxygen, stimulates wakefulness, inhibits biological healing, increases pain, and can increase inflammation.

So, magnetic energy enters our body from the Earth’s own natural magnetic field, and it charges our body cells. The human body itself is an electromagnetic machine. Each body cell has a positive and a negative field and physical and mental functions from the brain and central nervous system. Moreover, all life – plant and animal, including human – exists in and responds to the magnetic field of the Earth. For instance, Earth’s magnetism activates the enzyme system in fruits and vegetables that causes normal ripening. And homing pigeons are magnetically guided back to the coop.

In modern world, more and more factors have an effect on the magnetic charge of our cells, either inactivating the magnetism or putting it into stagnation. These effects include reinforced concrete buildings, elevators, computers, microwave ovens and other household appliances, cars, high voltage electric cables etc.

Scientific medicine is currently in a state of rapid change, which has increased the use of magnetic therapy in many fields of medicine. Over 4,000 medical and scientific papers have been published on the use of magnetism. Experiments at Loma Linda University, M.I.T., and several European universities have proven that certain magnetic devices increase the blood flow. Based on several theories and numerous researches scientists agree that magnetic therapy accelerates the healing process by: (1) relief of pain and inflammation; (2) stimulation of tissue; (3) increased blood circulation; (4) increased oxygen to the tissues; (5) rehabilitation, relaxation. Most people have heard and many have used magnetic therapy to treat muscular and skeletal pain, arthritis, sleep disorders, menstrual pain, headaches, toothaches etc, but you may wonder how magnetic
therapy affects the skin…

The effects of Magnetic Therapy on the skin

Magnets have shown many regulating and beneficial effects on the skin restoring its normal tone and color. From the standpoint of biophysics, magnetic therapy polarizes anions and cations. That is, the tissue salts are brought from a state of inactivity and stagnation to order and alignment within the cells and tissues. Environmental effects or damages depolarize the skin cells. Magnetic stimulation of the iron containing red blood cells gets the tissue fluids flowing again, waste products are removed, edema and congestion is regulated, inflammation is decreased, and so cell metabolism soon reverts back to normal.
When part of the problem is the lack of vascular flow and a disturbance of neural tissues, magnetic therapy normalizes these cellular activities. In other words – opens the way for proper nutrients that were not getting to the cells. This is how magnetic therapy has a positive effect on regenerating skin cells and smoothing lines (anti-aging treatments), reducing inflammation(acne, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis treatments) or detoxifying (cellulite treatments).

In addition to the above, magnetic energy has another important effect. The pineal gland in the center of our head controls hormones, enzymes and immune functions, and is itself a magnetic organ containing magnetite crystals. It is acutely sensitive to magnetic energy and produces its most important and characteristic substance, the sleep hormone melatonin, almost entirely during the night when the Earth’s negative magnetic field is dominant. High levels of melatonin are necessary for adequate sleep. In turn, human growth hormone, which is produced by the hypothalamus as we sleep, appears to be strongly influenced by melatonin levels. And human growth hormone is the controlling factor in hair, skin and muscle mass. As we age, we produce less of these essential hormones. So it may be no exaggeration to say that magnetic stimulation of the pineal
gland could slow the aging process. This is the explanation why many people experience that their hair and skin become healthier as a result of magnetic therapy. Some people show signs of hair returning to its normal color. Because of the increase of human growth hormone, aging clients typically show an increased rate of hair and nail growth, as well as slowing of the aging process of the skin. And this is the reason why we recommend the evening hours as the best time for the use of ilike Magnetic Skin Therapy to stimulate cell growth of aging skin.

Other beneficial effects of ilike organic skin care Magnetic Skin Therapy

Within the range of the magnetic field, all parts of the body are penetrated equally; hence one can experience relief from headache, toothache or back pain when receiving facial or back treatments with ilike organic skin care Magnetic Skin Therapy. (Although the product has not been reviewed by the FDA for medical purposes.) And while applying magnetic therapy to the face, the pineal gland is also within the magnetic field.

You may ask how the Magnetic Skin Therapy product fits into the ilike organic skin care world of herbal medicine. Besides the magnetic powder, the ilike Magnetic Skin Therapy treatment also contains nutrient rich herbs. Elderflower softens and smoothes, Locust flower heals, Horsetail, Yarrow and Lavender calm and soothe the skin, Walnut Leaf is anti-inflammatory, Lemon Grass refreshes and tightens, while Castor Oil hydrates.

On top of the beneficial herbal ingredients, magnetic therapy is as natural as nature itself. Without drugs or chemical ingredients, it influences the healing and regenerative powers already within the genetic makeup of our skin cells. And that is a truly holistic approach to healthy skin!

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