Benefits of Facial Massage

April 28, 2013
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“Some physician suggest that stress may be responsible for 75% of all diseases in the western world including skin diseases (e.g., psoriases and eczema), headaches and migraines, digestion disorders, high blood pressure and heart-related disease, as well as backache and muscle pain, poor eyesight and depression…a solution is to find ways to manage the way is the use of massage therapy.”  -Stretch Dowse, MD, 1887

Massage therapy has the ability to bring healing to our bodies. The concepts and benefits of massage are often only associated with the larger muscles in the body such as our backs, hips, legs, neck, shoulders, etc.  Massage is also beneficial and healing to our face and skin as well.

Some of the many benefits of facial massage include 1) stimulating circulation and blood flow, 2) increasing oxygen, 3) releasing toxins trapped between tissues and muscles, 4) relaxing nerves and muscles,  5) increasing lymphatic flow and 6) hydrating the skin by helping nutrients penetrate to a deeper layer of the skin.  Every single one of these benefits result in a smoother, healthier looking complexion.

At Zama, our highly trained estheticians recognize the importance and value of massage. They have been trained to incorporate extensive massage of the scalp, face, neck, shoulders, hands and arms into every facial treatment.  Our estheticians are able to adjust pressure based on your preference allowing you to leave a treatment feeling as though you just received a deep tissue massage. Our estheticians have also been trained in manual lymphatic drainage massage, which focuses on using very light pressure to drain inflammation from the skin. This type of massage is extremely effective when working with acne and other inflamed skin types.

We’d like to challenge our readers and clients to begin to stretch their understanding regarding the benefits and application of massage. Come experience a facial with one of our estheticians and see for yourself the change in tone and texture of your skin as a result of this power healing tool – therapeutic massage.

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