Pre/Post Natal Massage Therapy

April 15, 2013
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The journey to parenthood is a fun, challenging and exciting time for both mother and father. This journey doesn’t come without aches and pains. During the forty weeks of gestation the female body goes through many changes and have heard some people refer to this time as 9 months of Spa time.

Pre Natal

During each trimester of pregnancy massage can be received, provided mother and baby are in good health and there are no significant risks to the pregnancy. If the pregnancy is a risk pregnancy it is best to consult with a physician and bring in a prescription for massage therapy services. During each trimester massage will be administered in different ways regarding to lying on the table, to depth of pressure and areas that can or cannot be massaged according to Traditional Chinese Medicine.

During this exciting time women will go through many emotional and physical changes. Receiving massage during this time is helpful and will provide a serene environment for the mother to be, to escape, relax and potentially get some much needed rest.  The benefits of taking this time for you are priceless. It has been known that massage can help relieve anxiety, lower blood pressure, increase mental clarity and potentially lead to better night’s sleep. Your body is working 24/7 growing a baby and it only makes sense that you may suffer from exhaustion and increased anxiety during this time of significant change. Do yourself, your partner and the baby a favor and take time now for you. It will help to make the pregnancy more enjoyable and relaxed.

Our staff is trained to avoid many areas in the body according to Traditional Chinese Medicine that could induce labor. These areas include the ankles, lower leg, shoulders and low back. We will provide a full body massage and will massage those tired feet, shoulders, hips and legs all in a safe manner. The comfort and safety of the baby and the mother are at the fore front of our minds.

Post Natal

Once the baby is born our bodies go through even more aches and pains along with mental and emotional changes and exhaustion. It is important to take any moment that is given, to allow yourself some time away from the new baby. The first three months seem to be the most exhausting with the 24 hour feeding schedule and hopefully the baby is working on his/her nights. It is important for everyone to get rest especially the mam. The happiest family moments are when both mother and baby are well rested.

Common areas that mothers experience pain are in the neck/shoulders from breast feeding or bottle feeding along with the constant looking down at the baby, lengthens the back of the neck muscles and shortens the front of the neck muscles causing pain. The shoulders experience some pain from holding the baby in a certain position for extended periods of time. Many mothers also experience low back pain due to the oblique muscles getting stretched during pregnancy. Massage can help mothers release some of this muscle tension, may help alleviate anxiety, stress and potentially help you to sleep at night. The staff will also help you find ways to manage the stress and aches and pain at home in between sessions.

The first year of bringing in a new life is an exciting and exhausting time for both parents. Make sure to find and make the time for you separately and together as a couple. Zama has many ways to help you find ways to reconnect as a couple or just reconnect you to yourself.

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