5 Tips for Maximizing Your Exercise Routine

January 19, 2014
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The New Year brings a renewed commitment to better health. Whether you are just starting an exercise routine or ramping up your winter training, these 5 tips will help you reach your over all wellness and performance goals.

1) Start slow. Starting a new routine can be both challenging, and dangerous. Be sure to use the proper equipment and get the support you need.  ZamaImagesWaterRunner

2) Stay hydrated. Aim to drink at least half of your body weight in ounces (more when exercising hard) to keep your body functioning at optimal levels.

3) Create a budget for self care. To run your best you must be at your best, but you can't get there without proper self care. Plan to get a massage every 3-5 weeks during your heaviest training periods. Massage increases how fast you recover and will in turn help you reach your goals faster.

4) Know your tools:

  •  Foam Rollers - Starting a foam rolling routine can benefit in many ways. When used properly they help refresh tired muscles and aid in a good stretching routine
  • Trigger Point Balls - These are great tools for on-the-go spot therapy. When used properly they are great for targeting the trigger points in your shoulders, glutes, back and even your feet
  • Create healthy post workout routines - Hydration, rest, diet, stretching & massage

5) Soak in Epsom salt baths.  Taking a Epsom salt bath 2-3 times per week relaxes and helps the body shed toxins that build up during exercise.

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