Stretching for Runners

March 10, 2014
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With the Shamrock Run right around the corner, we decided a post about stretching for runners would be valuable. So we asked Eric Hanson, our lead massage therapist, what he would suggest. Here is what he said.

Great stretches for runners include:

  • Adductors – These guys can be stretched nicely by doing a standing side stretching or a seated butterfly stretch.
  • Glutes – Target them by lying with your back on the floor, feet on the ground. While your left foot stays flat on the ground, bring your right leg to rest on your left Quad. Now gently use your arms to bring your back off the floor and slowly sit up. You should start to feel a gentle stretch in your glutes.
  • Calves – Find a step and rest the ball of your foot on the step, or toes, and allow your heel to drop. Like with all stretches this should be a gentle, not a vigorous stretch.
  • Quads – While holding a surface for balance, stand on your right foot and grab you left foot and gently pull it behind you for a quad stretch.
  • Hamstrings – Stand with your feet about 6 inches apart and bend forward at your waist. Slowly and gently lower your hands towards the ground, allowing you hamstrings to slowly stretch.
  • Chest – Find a doorway and perform a gently doorway stretch, especially important after longer runs.

Repeat each stretch 1-2 times on both the left and right side and hold them for 15-30 seconds. Also, be sure to use deep breaths to aid your stretching routine.

As with all stretches, only do the ones you feel comfortable with and that don’t cause you pain. If you feel adverse pain while stretching, stop; do not do stretches that hurt your body. If you have further questions about stretching or more advanced moves contact your local Yoga professional or Physical Therapist.

Massage is also an important part of training self care. Consider booking our March special, The Weekend Warrior.

The Weekend Warrior is a custom massage created to support athletes. It includes a special combination of a sports therapy + deep tissue massage and aims to repair muscles after a good workout. It incorporates steam heat packs or cold packs depending on your muscle condition, and is paired with Deep Blue Rub, our all natural aromatherapy cream that turns your muscles into butter with lasting pain relief! For best results, book one before and after your favored activity!

60 min-$65

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