10 Days 'til Christmas Wellness Tips

December 15, 2015
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Zama friends and family, we are thinking of you as the biggest holiday of the year nears. Christmas can be filled with wonder and delight, as well as stress and anxiety.  Here are 10 fun and healthful holiday wellness tips to help you feel great for the holiday:

Day 10- Drink more water. Of all the tips, this one is the easiest, least expensive, and yields the highest results. Toss a few frozen berries, cucumber, and a little lemon into your water bottle and toast to feeling hydrated and healthy throughout the holiday. Hydration is the BEST way to support your joints and muscles, up your immunity, decrease cravings, and improve your overall skin tone.

Day 9- Schedule time to go to the gym or go for a brisk walk.  Seriously, schedule your exercise! Or at least put it onto your to-do list each day. Through movement we find health. And sanity. And relief from pain, stress, and over-indulgence. When we get busy, exercise is often the first thing to go. Give yourself a huge whopping gift this season, and ensure that you make it out and get moving frequently.

Day 8- Go to bed earlier, my friend. Turn off devices 30 minute before bedtime. Have a cup of tea. Relax with a loved one, pet, or a good book. A well rested you will keep you on the healthy side of life.

Day 7- Laugh. Seriously. Don't take the demands of the holiday season too seriously. Laughter is the best therapy. It makes us feel alive and empowered. It brings us together. Laughter helps us make good choices and fulfills our truest desire to feel connected, whole, and light.

Day 6- Get a massage! Oh, how do we list the ways we love massage? Life is made significantly better with regular bodywork. The health benefits of massage are vast and for the simple result of toxic release, relaxation, and a better functioning body, we recommend scheduling a massage right away!

Day 5- Replace a cup of coffee wiHoliday Wellness Tipsth warm lemon water. Winter pretty much demands that we up our coffee intake. It is warm, yummy, and gives us a pick-me-up during the darkest days of the year. However, more than one cup a day doesn't do us any good. Dehydration and anxiety are a couple reasons to go easy on coffee. Try replacing your coffee with warm lemon water and enjoy the following benefits: more energy, improved digestion, immunity boost, clearer skin, and better breath.

Day 4- Visit our salt caves to relax and ramp up your immunity. Take advantage of our free Salt Cave Session Monday thru Wednesday when you book a 60 minute treatment at Zama. Our Halotherapy Salt Caves are amazing. Come relax and enjoy the benefits of the negative ions in the salt caves. They improve immunity, respiratory function, decrease toxic load, skin conditions, and allergies.

Day 3- Schedule some downtime. Can you clear your calendar for a few hours and get nothing done? You will probably think to yourself, no I can't, but we are here to tell you that yes you can and that you will likely be more productive. This is a busy time of year. Don't push yourself to the edge. Slow down and enjoy the little moments. Say no to extra appointments and tiresome commitments.

Day 2- Build in time for your most supportive relationships. Spend some time with those who support you and love you unconditionally. Holidays can be mired with loaded get togethers and nuanced relationships that can sometimes be quite draining. Give yourself the gift of spending time with friends and family that fill you up and make you more energized, hopeful, and inspired.

Day 1- Relax and let go. Enjoy everything as it is and let go of perfection. Be available for the true gift of the season, the miracle of the unexpected, the chance to be more heartful, and the celebration of hope and possibilities.


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