Eight Deluxe Tips for Self-Love

February 14, 2016
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It is time to put some love and attention to the very best person you know: YOU! We have eight deluxe tips to increase your self-love.

We don't mean to be trite. Talk of self love seems to be all over the place. However, how many people really know what it is and practice it? Have you heard someone say "You need to practice some self-love here," or found yourself saying "I just gotta do what's best for me?"

At Zama we can't help but to embrace this topic wholeheartedly; helping people take care of their bodies and holistic well-being is our business and passion. Whether self-love is new to you or you want to get inspired with some new ideas, we want to help you find ways to honor yourself.

Here are eight deluxe self-love tips for you:

  1. Nourish, nourish, nourish! Whether it be what you put in your body, who is in your life, or what's on your schedule, learn to aa9c1f96e95089da82d34af7a1b66424discriminate. Ask, does this food nourish my body? Does this appointment or relationship nourish my sense of well-being and purpose? We spend our lives consuming food, drink, relationships, information, experiences, materials, etc... Learn to take a step back and get a little perspective about what you are consuming and take a closer look. Expect to be nourished and limit the foods and experiences that do not.
  2. Create a morning routine. How often do you wake up and dive full steam into your day? Studies show that people who start their day with a morning routine are less stressed, more productive and efficient, more confident, and experience a better quality of life. A nourishing morning routine might include a hydrating a cleansing lemon water or green juice, meditation or prayer, a brisk walk or yoga, journaling, a healthy breakfast, and setting a clear focus for the day. Avoid email and social media for the first 90 minutes of your day for best results!
  3. Take your vitamins and supplements. We simply do not have access to the nutrients that we would have years ago due to depleted soil, lack of whole foods, sunlight, and living foods. Consuming a high quality, food sourced, multi-vitamin, probiotics, omega 3s, magnesium, and vitamin D are a few of the highly recommended supplements by functional doctors and holistic medical community. We recommend seeing your practitioner and seeing what your unique body may be needing. Know how your vitamins are sourced and take them knowing that yes, you are being loving.
  4. Unpack your calendar. Seriously! Are you booked from dawn until dusk? We live in a hyper productive and busy culture.
    With electric lighting, year round employment, busy children, and many other duties, we keep our bodies and our brains in motion way longer than we should. Practice some self-love and say no to excessive responsibility. Look at your calendar and create extra time between appointments. Give value to unscheduled time. Let your creativity fill in the spaces for a more satisfying lifestyle.
  5. Love up ALL your skin. Our skin is our largest organ. When we care for it we improve our vitality and how we look. Whole body skin care is key to slowing down aging, detoxification, and aeight deluxe tips for self love great way to practice self love. Get a skin brush and remove dead skin and flush your lymphatic system while brushing your entire body. (Brush towards your heart in circular motions.) Exfoliate your whole body with a good exfoliating cleanser or scrub. Get a pedicure, a cocoa butter massage, a or facial and love up your skin. Use only non-toxic and organic skin care and makeup. Remember, every thing we put on our skin absorbs to our blood stream!
  6. Play and then play some more. No matter our age, play is key to happiness and balance. As they say, laughter is the best medicine. Take a load off and add in some fun! Head to the arcade, get a puppy or kitty, explore a new part of town or the mountains. Bottom line, doing activities that bring us joy and pleasure will bring more love to our life. We are here to tell you that you are worth all the fun and freedom you can possibility create. Don't wait, okay!?
  7. Speak your truth. Yes. Don't hold back. Don't let concerns grow into be problems. Speaking up for yourself, even though it can sometimes be tough, is an act of self love. Holding resentments, frustrations, and insecurities is not loving you. Build confidence and self-worth by telling your truth and living your truth. Digestion, energy, voice clarity, and sleep often improve when we speak our truth.
  8. Receive resZama Massage and Therapeutic Portland ORtorative treatments. A relaxing massage, wrap, sauna treatment, facial, pedicure, or a visit to the salt caves will give your body and mind time to restore, rest, and receive healing and emotional well being. When we deeply relax, we make room for inspiration, love, freedom, and creativity.

Level up your self-love and book your appointment today!

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