The Inside Scoop On Our Baby Foot Peel

March 1, 2016
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We asked Annie Schmidt, our Zama Spa Concierge and Marketing Coordinator, to give us the inAnnie-018side scoop on our Baby Foot peel. Read on to hear her experience with Baby Foot!

My dry and calloused feet, combined with the fact that I wear high heels pretty much everyday, makes me the perfect candidate to test out Baby Foot- a natural, but effective chemical peel for feet.

My love of sandals, high heels, and minimal foot care routine, has my nail tech friend giving me grief every time she sees my withering feet. “Do you really need to wear high heels daily? Do you know what you are doing to your feet!?” As long as I put some top coat on my nails, they look good, right? Wrong!

As an active person I am walking around and moving all day during work and I don't stop until bedtime. My feet usually look dry, even after I put on lotion. No matter how extravagant the ingredients, they're almost immediately back to looking hard, dry, calloused, even cracked. Lets just say no one is envious of my feet.

You can imagine my excitement when Baby Foot arrived at Zama. I was immediately interested, Allee, Zama's Spa Director encouraged me to test them out. We already know my feet need the help and then application pretty much rocks- you sit down foThe Inside Scoop On Our Baby Foot Peelr an hour with these little booties on your feet and that's it. An hour on my couch? This I can't mess up! I don't have to get an appointment to get a pedicure, I don't have to leave my house and my feet will look brand new.

Now don’t get me wrong, I had doubts that Baby Foot could actually penetrate my stiff, thick callouses. Sure enough, 5 - 6 days after I used the magic booties; ALL of the skin that had contact with the booties peeled off in LAYERS! I couldn't believe it. No sensation at all, no pain, and my feet were pink, fresh looking, and actually pretty again! I don't remember the last time my feet looked this way! I was probably an actual baby.

I’m hooked now and definitely recommend this product to both men and women. The price point of $26.00 is an ultra value, which makes the Baby Foot peel cost less than a pedicure! I'm going to keep wearing my cute heels and sandals and do Baby Foot twice a year from now on!

Click here to purchase Baby Foot!

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