Embrace Autumn + 5 Tips to Charge Up

September 30, 2016
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Charge up naturally by embracing Autumn traditions.

We can look to Eastern traditions for seasonal habits that promote natural and sustained energy. If we do not take extra care of ourselves, the change in seasons, especially from warm to cool, can be a little traumatic. Admittedly for some, Pumpkin Spice lattes, sweater weather, football, and pretty leaves are super energizing. Others, though, take to pulling the warm covers over their head and mourn the loss of long, warm summer days. Nights are coming faster by the day and practically every time we blink our eyes, we open them to find yet another tree changing its colors and losing its leaves.

Cooler months can charge us up when we prepare our bodies and adjust our expectations.

It can be helpful to look at to the East each season and take note of ancient seasonal health practices. In Eastern Medicine, Autumn is regarded as a time to pull our energy inward to prepare for winter. It is about warming the body through foods and layers. And, it is about physically slowing down. Embrace the nature of this season and the physical needs of your body, and you will find availability of more energy and an increased sense of peace.

winter_ocean_scenes-101In the spirit of keeping it simple, we have compiled 5 easy and very doable tips to help you feel charged up.

1. Spend more time outside.

Fresh air and exercise stimulate our immune system, ignite a clear mind, and charge up creativity. Carve out time to walk in a local park, head out leaf gazing on your bike, try out a new scenic hike, or get your hands in the dirt. Modern living keeps us indoors all too much. The greatest happiness and natural health can often be found outside. Natural light charges up our energy reserves.

2. Supplement with Vitamin D.

For those of us who live in the northern hemisphere, we simply do not get enough vitamin D during non-summer months. Once we lose our sunlight hours, immunity and emotional wellbeing become vital to protect. Vitamin D helps stave off illness, combats depression, increases fertility, and many studies suggest that it helps prevent many types of cancer. Consider getting your vitamin D levels checked out by a physician to ensure you aren't depleted. Cod liver oil is an awesome nutritional source of vitamin D and has many additional benefits.

3. Get your rest.

ashley_rise_and_shine-170Electric lights and blue screens disrupt our sleep cycles and are known to add to anxiety and stress. It is natural to rest more this time of year as the nights are getting longer. The best solution to over-exposure of screens, bright indoor lighting, and lack of connection to nature based rhythms is to add extra rest to your routine. Dimming lights earlier in the evening and using candles are a wonderful way to harmonize with the change in season.

4. Eat seasonally.

Eating seasonally has extensive merits. Autumn is pretty the best timgreen_apples-106e of all to eat fresh and local. The bounty of apples, squash, greens, beets, and root vegetables invites us to enjoy lots of naturally sweet foods. As the weather cools, we are often more inspired to cook and use spices. Cooked and spiced foods are considered to be more digestible and healing in Eastern medicine. Keeping the digestive track warm with heated foods and warming spices is encouraged. Additionally, seasonal foods help naturally balance the body and give it the vitamins and nutrients it needs each season.

5. Nourish your connection to self.

As nature begins to slow down, so do we. Autumn is an excellent time to take a quiet retreat to a sanctuary. Reflective time in meditation, journaling, or long nurturing conversations can be like medicine. Consider booking a massage or a therapeutic spa treatment or even a few to quietly relax and charge up in the Autumn season.

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