Keep Love Strong

February 1, 2017
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Whether this Valentine's season is destined to be the most romantic on the books, or one to dive more into the joy of loving yourself, or both, now more than ever is the time to keep your love strong!

All great art, writing, music, theater; basically all things good, is knitted together with love. We are particularly smitten with this love summary from Brené Brown:

'Love is not something we give or get; it is something that we nurture and grow, a connection that can only be cultivated between two people when it exists within each one of them – we can only love others as much as we love ourselves.'

In current times of the modern busy-ness, consuming technologies, political divides, and struggles to keep our loved ones well and happy, it is easy to lose sight of how simple and attainable love can be.

Our love list is by no means exhaustive, however our hope is that you read it and think of what you would add to it...

How to Keep Love Strong:

Try something new together.

Keep Love Strong

Mix up your routine, whether it up with your spouse, a friend, or a family member. People who frequently try new things together have more bonded, higher-resonance in their relationships, according to research published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. Especially couples.

Check out something new in your neighborhood, go for a hike, make something handmade together, have a dance party (or go to one!), get a couples massage, sing a new duet. So many options if you think about it, right!?

Stop & rest.

keep love strong

Pomsky Love!

Exhaustion leads to stress, anxiety, and illness, which can leave us lonely, depleted, and trapped in an over-extended cycle. Our modern culture heavily emphasizes productivity, profit margins, and career success. The art of nurturing is ever important to cultivating love in our life. Nurturing our relationships, nurturing our health, nurturing the earth, and nurturing our non-human friends fills our love banks.

Feeling a lack of love in your life? Slow down, get some rest, regroup, and nurture your own well-being first. Sometimes a chiropractic adjustment will make all the difference. We recommend Dr. Alvis here in NE Portland.

Foster creativity.

As Elizabeth Gilbert says, "Be the weirdo who dares to enjoy." The essence of our human existence is lifted by creative experiences, no matter if it is chopping garlic in the kitchen, braiding your child's hair, putting on makeup, or taking that just right photo for Instagram. If you arKeep Love Stronge feeling the creative flow, you will definitely have a better, more satisfying day with more love to give and receive. Everyone needs a creative outlet, big or small. Creativity may take just 5 minutes, or 5 hours, but either way, it is crucial to living a more loving life.

We definitely have some recommendations! Our favorite creative inspiration is to take a walk in the Lansu Chinese Garden here in downtown Portland. We also love eating cheese filled verde chicken quesadillas over at Sante Fe Taqueria on Northwest 23rd and delighting in their wall to wall murals while sitting under their new halo chandelier in the bar. And finally, taste testing vegan and handmade chocolates over at Missionary Chocolates in NE Portland inspires our inner magic makers.

Give. Give. Give.

Never has there been a time better than now to give to others, give to animals, and give to the planet. Our driven society often has us overly focused on advancement, consumption, and entertainment. Giving to others makes us more whole, loving, and an enhanced sense of worth back to us. As author and love activist Glennon Doyle Melton says, “People who need help sometimes look a lot like people who don’t need help.” We never know who exactly needs our kindness, but by giving it more freely we are sure to reach those who need it.

Some of our favorite organizations to give our time, money, and resources to are: Oregon Humane Society, Portland Polar Plunge supporting Special Olympics, and feeding the homeless with the Union Gospel Mission downtown Portland.

Quiet your mind, open your heart.Keep Love Strong

Whether it be organized religion, bedside prayer, or the meditation cushion, we recommend a spiritual practice that helps you feel connected to your heart. To your soul. To your community. Love flows from an intentional spiritual practice.

Eat your soup.

And cheese.

When in doubt, have a warm bowl of pho (shout out for Pho Van Fresh in the Pearl!) Or cheese, might we recommend Sweet Fire at Portland Creamery?

Get together.

With your people. With someone new. With a furry friend. With an open heart.

Got someone special out there who needs some love or want to give the perfect gift for Valentine's Day?

Book yourself, your friend or loved one our February Special, The Royal Treatment! The ooey gooey warm cocoa butter drizzling all over with a 60 min massage + a 60 min hot stone and warm cocoa butter pedi combo will warm their hearts! All for $150. Book Here!



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