5 Fall Skin Care Tips

October 16, 2017
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Be radiant this season with excellent fall skin care!

Bring on the layers, pumpkin spice everything, apple explosion, spooky festivities, natural wonder, and epic loads of excitement! While your soul soars in the feast of autumn, your skin is likely begging for an updated skin care routine. Summer humidity and its radiant sun glow is now gone. Cool, crisp temperatures often result in dryer skin, breakouts, and diminished skin color and fall skin caretone.

You might notice that your skin is dryer, more oily, or both!

As the seasons transition to fall, we see a buildup of summer skin damage from wear and tear of the elements. Breakouts are actually more common in fall, the build up of dead skin from the summer and fall dryness with the cooler temperatures locks in your natural oils and bacteria. On top of this, your skin is needing more hydration and care. We recommend a fall specific skin care routine, to combat seasonal dryness, damage from the summer, oil production, and to prepare for the coming winter.

1. Head to the spa and receive a facial.

5 Fall Skin Care TipsTake the guesswork out of your fall skin care routine questions, and receive a professional facial complete with a personal skin profile analysis with one of our trained estheticians. Your skin will be in need of deep exfoliation, hydration and a boost of retinol. We have an extensive facial menu here at Zama. You can choose exactly what would suit your needs best. The Head to Toe Age Rewind Facial includes a robust facial treatment complete with cutting edge Eminence products and will also take care of your feet, shoulders and arms! Our Hydrafacial MD series provide a fast and efficient way to pump your skin full of  Antioxidants, Peptides and Hyaluronic Acid while deeply exfoliating and cleaning your skin.

2. Change Your Cleansing Routine.

During the summer, lighter gel and foaming cleansers are great. During the colder months, these cleanser can be too drying. We  recommend adding in a more gentle and hydrating lotion cleanser. Make a spa-like ritual at home by adding a rich, creamy, cleansing lotion then removing it with a warmed, steaming wash-cloth.This will warm you up, open your pores and delight your senses! As you likely can see by all our facial treatment, we highly recommend Eminence facial products. Eminence Coconut Milk Cleanser is excellent for the fall and winter seasons!Fall skin care

3. Exfoliate.

Come fall, it is time for exfoliation. To prevent those pesky breakouts, mentioned earlier, it is critical to remove the dead skin that traps oil and leads to breakouts. Fall is generally a better time for a regular exfoliation routine, as during summer skin tends to be more sensitive due to increased exposure to the elements and chemicals. Regular exfoliation will help to lift skin discoloration from the sun, remove dull, dry skin and encourage newer, healthier skin cells to form.

Choosing a cream cleanser with an exfoliant, or using an enzyme based exfoliant a few times a week will make a huge difference. Consider doing a whole body exfoliation with an oil based exfoliant to remove dead skin all over and hydrate deeply.

organic back facial

4. Go With A Heavier Moisturizer.

It's time to switch from the lighter cream moisturizer you used during the summer, to a thicker more protective moisturizer. Combating the cold, drying air and temperatures will be critical in the coming months. It is important to apply something a little heavier to prevent moisture loss. We still recommend protecting with an SPF all year long. Consider applying your daily SPF under your heavier cream. Eminence Coconut Age Corrective Moisturizer is a dream! You will love how thick and rich it feels on your thirsty skin.

5. Protect your lips.

5 Fall Skin Care Tips

Seriously, right!? Avoid chapped lips like the plague this winter! Moisturize daily with a non-petroleum lip balm to prevent winter chapping. Drink lots of water (always!) to hydrate from the inside out. Take steam baths and let your skin soak up lots of steamy moisture.

Skin care is often an overlooked part of wellness. Healthy, hydrated skin will improve your overall sense of well-being, confidence and beauty!




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