Top Five 2018 Wellness Trends

December 28, 2017
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If you peruse the internet looking for top 2018 wellness trends, you might think it strange foods like dried crickets and unheard of superfood spices like moringa, will be taking over the wellness scene in 2018. While these reports are entertaining and exotic, we have compiled what we project the actual 2018 wellness trends will be!!

2018 wellness trends

1. Personal strength & holistic wellness.

Whether or not your natural body type is slender, thick, sculpted, or curvy, the move to be healthy inside and out will remain the top wellness trend. Women's empowerment has rapidly become a daily headline. Promoting what is actually best for women's health is a natural side effect of this movement. Wellness trends will continue to move away from pressuring impossible beauty standards, to promoting holistic wellness, strength training, fertility, connection, and personal empowerment. Focus on men's mental health, fertility, need for connection, and stress reduction will be at the center of the wellness scene as well.

At Zama, we got you covered with the highest quality, organic, holistic treatments, from therapeutic massage, skin care, halotherapy, nails, waxing and more. Improved holistic health and self care for both men and women is our highest priority and focus for 2018 wellness trends!

2. HIIT training.

High Intensity Interval Training remain on the rise for everyone in 2018. HIIT is not new to the wellness scene, but year after year it continues to build in popularity as results grow along side the scientific evidence. A good HIIT program will build strength and 2018 wellness trendsconditioning through short, intense sprints. Weight training and/or cardio sprints combined with recovery intervals are common. Translation? Go balls to the wall for abut 40 seconds and then back into a feel good stretch for about 20 seconds.  You push your body's performance envelope, making all kinds of new personal gains. Injury rates are decreased when there is a quality recovery program used between intervals.

The shorter sessions that HIIT offers appeals to many time pressured, performance loving health seekers. Expect to see HIIT styled workouts added into new fitness programs through fitness trainers, group fitness, yoga, and athletic programs. Fitness seekers looking for results will love HIIT, but definitely need to be willing to breath hard and be sore the next day. (Massage anyone!?)

2018 wellness trends

3. Bio-hacking.

Sounds futuristic, right!? We had to do some research to better understand this one, as it is newer in the health scene. Biohacking typically involves specific lifestyle and dietary routines to improve the functioning of your individual body. Some take it a step further with wearable technology that administer electrical pulses (really!) Specific performance enhancing nutritional supplements are common.

Biohacking is characterized by its self guided process, which usually involves daily self-testing and monitoring. Tracking things like food intake, PH levels, blood sugar, body composition, key-tones, and other measures are characteristic of bio-hacking. There is a large range of variation of how extensive people are willing to bio-hack. Some are using laboratories to get specific feedback and others simply journal their physical response to the lifestyle inputs they test, such as rest, specific nutrients, and exercise patterns. Ketogenic diets, infrared lights, and brain boosting supplements are popular amongst bio-hackers. Our in house specialized Far Infrared Wraps are perfect for those looking to tap into their ultimate lifestyle performance!

4. Intermittent fasting.

Fasting has been on the wellness scene since the early 1930s but has built serious momentum in the past few years. Fasting 2018 wellness trendsintermittently has aided many folks in performance improvement, athleticism, decreased inflammation, weight loss, digestion, mental clarity and more. Many people swear by it and there is a growing body of research that cites lasting, improved health.

There are many different approaches to intermittent fasting. Some require 24 hours complete fasting once a week, while others have you eating all your nutrition in an 8-hour window. There are many varieties in intermittent fasting approaches. Research and different options are growing, so definitely educate yourself on what might be right for you. This style of nutritional management is popular with bio-hackers!

5. Sleep Optimization

2018 wellness trendsFinally, sleep is popular again!! A good night's sleep has been proven to improve health and productivity, and reduce health problems like weight gain, anxiety, and hormone imbalance.

Many industry leaders have spoken out in favor of good sleep as token in successful careers, versus the old mindset that successful people don't sleep. The problem is that years worth of poor sleep habits make it difficult for many people to catch a good night's rest. Sleep aides like weighted blankets, CBD oil, sound therapy, essential oils, and more are used to help folks get a good night's rest.

We definitely recommend receiving a regular massage as part of your sleep improvement journey. Massage activates your parasympathetic nervous system, ie: rest and digest. As a result, regular massage helps train your nervous system to calm down and rest, which results in better sleep!

Good health is at the core of our work and mission. We wish you the healthiest year yet in 2018!

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