March Melt Away Special

February 28, 2018
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March Melt Away Special

Zama's March Melt Away Special is the perfect celebration for this coming Spring!

Included in the March Melt Away:

  • 60 minute Hot Stone Massage
  • 60 minute Detoxifying Heat Wrap

Book now for only $165!

This deluxe package will warm you up from your head to your toes; the goal is to relieve aches and pains and detox from the cold winter months. We love how this package combines hot stone therapy and infrared technology.

Hot stone massage is a favorite at Zama because it relaxes so deeply and the sensation of the smooth, warm basalt stones simply enchants you. You'll love how the Detoxifying Heat Wrap will help you rapidly release toxins, inflammation, and leave you feeling like a whole new person.

Hot Stone Massage:

Our March Melt Away Special includes 60-divine minutes of hot stone massage. This therapeutic session infuses both Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage techniques with the thermal energy of heated Basalt stones to promote deep relaxation and relieve tension.

March Melt Away Special

Hot basalt stones have been used by Native Americans and Europeans to heal aching muscles for hundreds of years. Basalt stones are chosen because they release heat slowly, and years of water erosion have made them smooth and soothing to the touch. They easily glide over the skin and act as tools that gently penetrate to the depths of muscle tissue – making them an ideal addition to massage.

You can expect to feel grounded and balanced from the thermal energy. Our therapists will rest the hot stones on your trigger points as well, this opens up the circulatory system and supports circulation in the tissue. Many report positive mental support of the hot stone therapy, which makes this signature treatment a holistic win!

Detoxifying Heat Wrap:

If possible, request to receive your Detoxifying Heat Wrap before your hot stone massage. This helps so much in getting your body ready to receive deep tissue.  It melts the top layer of tissue to help ensure your therapist is able to work deeper.

Using Far-Infrared Heat Therapy, the Detoxifying Heat Wrap works well to improve the body’s natural healing ability and provide detoxification. Add in the scalp massage, foot massage, and cooling ice globes, you'll feel well cared for during your detox experience.

If you have arthritis paibpdy wrapn or neck pain, the Detoxifying Body Wrap can help relieve inflammation and decrease tenderness. A pressure point massage on your head, scalp and face while nestled inside the wrap will help decrease tension and promotes feelings of total body relaxation.

Your body will absolutely love how the combination of our Hot Stone Massage and Detoxifying Heat Wrap will lighten and lift you up! During the change in seasons our bodies crave detox! Be sure to take advantage of this therapeutic special!

or Call 503-281-0278 to speak with our Spa Concierge! We look forward to creating an experience you will never forget.

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