Spring Renewal + Transformation

March 31, 2018
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Spring Renewal + Transformation

Spring is time for physical, emotional, and spiritual renewal and transformation!

"Spring is nature's way of saying, 'Let's party!'"~Robin Williams

The light has returned, the days are warming, nature comes alive, and for most, our energy increases. After a long, dark, introspective and inside bound winter, Spring is a welcome change and opportunity to upgrade your health and holistic well-being. Get your body and your lifestyle ready to enjoy the party!

Renew for Spring and you will feel balanced and energized for the demands of the coming months. Here are our top mind, body, and spirit Spring renewal tips:

spring renewal1. Connect to the earth.

Smell the dirt, the blooms, the rain, the wind, the changes in the world. Take time to observe what is actually happening in your local environment. Bring your senses into the experience: taste, touch, sight, smell, and sound. This acclimatizes your body to nature's rhythm and cycle, which in turn is renewing and restoring for your nervous system. Hiking, gardening, walking, eating outdoors, and sporting are all great ways to take in the season and bring your overall well-being into increased harmony.

2. Unplug from technology

Seriously, put that phone down! Most modern humans increase their technology habits during the colder months. Spring is the perfect time to break that habit! The benefit of decreased screen time is to increase opportunity for self-care, connection to others, connection to the earth, and time to harness thespring renewal natural energy of the season.

That Netflix season can wait and we are pretty sure that you can enjoy Instagram, maybe even more, with a less uninspired scrolling. Some successful tips for breaking cell phone habits are:

  • sleep with it in a different room,
  • put your phone down by 7pm,
  • unplug one day a week,
  • never bring your phone to your meal table,
  • shut off unnecessary notifications,
  • and consider adding a speaker to give you information you would normally go to your phone for, ie: Alexa. Alexa give me a recipe for asparagus!

3. Spring clean and de-clutter!

Spring Renewal + TransformationYour physical environment has a major impact your brain patterns, energy levels, and emotions. De-cluttering can free you from old emotions and renew your energy to bring in new life. Get rid of the clothing, pots and pans, books, magazines, unfinished projects and outlived household items that you don't regularly use. Chances are that if you didn't use it last spring, you won't use it this Spring. Clean your fridge and discard expired food-stuffs. You'll feel so much better, we promise!

4. Clean up your emotions

spring renewalFeeling weighted down by anxiety or depression? Spring is a great time to clean up your interior world and give your mind and emotions an opportunity to refresh and renew. Consider:

  • Commit to making decisions you’ve been putting off.
  • Reach out to your important relations and check in.
  • Have the discussions you've been avoiding.
  • Consciously address negative thought patterns by seeking external help or do the work on your own that you know works around bringing your mind to a positive place.
  • Organize your finances for peace of mind.
  • Eat well, hydrate, and exercise for a mood boost.
  • Give yourself permission to simply let go of the past.

5. Feed your optimism!

spring renewalWhether it be with nutrition, exercise, mindfulness practices, connection to community, appreciation for beauty or accessing joy through seasonal rituals, do it! Spring is the perfect time to pursue joy and get rid of stagnant winter energy.

Most of us who live in the northern hemisphere are long overdo for a boost of positivity by the time spring rolls around. Sun deprived and vitamin D deficient, we are often depleted by the start of Spring. A seasonal detox is a great way to boost your mood as well. Check out our detox tips here.

Curious about what spa treatments we recommend for Spring?

Head to the spa for the ultimate Spring renewal experience! While we don't think you can go wrong with anything self-care related, here are our top Spring bookings!

  • Seasonal Pedicure- get those toes sandal ready and freshen up your feet!
  • Infrared Detox Wrap- sweat out those winter toxins and walk away feeling a ton lighter.
  • Detoxifier Massage- let the cupping and deep tissue massage do the work of releasing stagnant energy, relieving aches and pains, and priming up your circulation.
  • Visit our salt caves for the best in allergy relief! Visit for FREE Mondays-Wednesdays with any 60 minute or longer treatment!



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