8 Holistic Late Summer Rituals

August 15, 2018
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Juice Up Your Energy & Wellness with These 8 Holistic Late Summer Rituals!

In Chinese Medicine, late summer is considered to be a season of it's own. Late summer is the time of harvest and preparation for the coming Fall. We are beginning the shift from abundant sun energy to shorter days and slightly cooler temperatures. And then, of course, there are all the new beginnings of back-to-school and routines related to the coming shift in season. Late summer is the perfect time amp up your wellness by refocusing on holistic rituals.

Rituals, or consistent mindful activities, are highly effective tools for promoting wellness.

Our health and energy are positively influenced by the actions we take daily or frequently. Adding in the intentional focus of ritual is a recipe for abundant energy, joy, and clarity. Enjoy reading through these rituals and try adding one or a few to your routine and see what you notice!

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8 Holistic Late Summer Rituals for Abundant Health:

1. Make time for your soul.

First and foremost, if you haven't carved out time just for you this season, make sure you do so right away! Don't let your entire summer slip away working your buns off solely for your family, spouse or partner, job, or friends. We encourage you to take a break from what's likely a full calendar, and check in with yourself to see what exactly YOU want. Maybe you want to savor more sunsets, paint a picture, go out dancing, go bird watching, or dry herbs from your garden. Whatever fuels your spirit and creativity, make sure you put yourself first. Don't let this special season slip away without making time for you.

2. Eat seasonally.

late summerYou probably saw this one coming, but we gotta say it! Take advantage of natures abundance and eat! Peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, corn, greens, berries, apples, pears, carrots, beets; all the colors are in full swing in your local gardens, orchards, farms, and in nature. You amp up your health, your connection to the environment, and to your holistic well-being when you eat locally and with the seasons. Extra credit too if you can connect to your food by preserving it by way of canning, freezing, drying, pickling, or fermentation!

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Also, consider creating a seasonal feast to celebrate and give gratitude for this abundant time of year and the positivity in your community! It's a great time to build upon bonds before the introspective time of fall and winter.

3. Drink, drink, drink...H2O!

The heat of summer is hard on our bodies. Most of us are dehydrated and short on both minerals and electrolytes. Chart your water intake and aim for at least 64 ounces, if not more! Dehydration leads to excessive cravings for unhealthy food, headaches, low energy, brain fog, depression, anxiety, and increases our aches and pains. Coconut water, fresh fruits and vegetables, and infused waters are awesome sources of both minerals and electrolytes.

Create your own infusions by simply chopping up fruits, herbs, and vegetables and tossing them into a large jar and top with filtered water. Cucumber & parsley, watermelon & mint, pineapple & lemon, and grapefruit & lime are popular combinations. Get creative and try out your own combo. Drink up & cheers!

4. Treat your skin like you would your best friend.

Skin care is extremely important at this point in the year. After a long summer of sun exposure, build up of sunscreen and late summerprotective products, and exposure to the elements, your skin is likely acting out. Exfoliate your whole body with a good body scrub and dry brush. Next, ramp up your skin hydration routine and soak your skin in quality skin care. Definitely get a professional pedicure, as your feet are likely worn and calloused.

5. Take a bath every evening.

While you may not be cold, a late summer baths is perfect for calming your soul and awesome for sore muscles.

Recipe for fatigued & sore muscles:
*1 1/2 cups Epsom Salt
*1/2 cup Coarse Sea Salt or Pink Himalayan Salt
*1/2 cup Baking Soda
*5-10 drops eucalyptus oil
*Opt: dried 1 tablespoon each: dried lavender buds, rosemary, and thyme leaves

6. Start a mindfulness practice.

Amping up your mindfulness practice will benefit you immensely at all 8 Holistic Late Summer Ritualstimes of the year, but you may notice that your body is actually craving quiet and introspection right now. Put your quiet time on the forefront by adding in a morning or evening meditation practice, or both, to bring your mental clarity into balance as you navigate your current choices and changes.

Some simple mindfulness practices of ours are: 2-15 minutes of focused deep belly breathes, yin yoga, slow walking, 10-15 minutes daily sitting practice, Swedish relaxation massage, reading poetry, listening to binaural beats, and relaxing in nature.

7. Breathe Deeply.

Whether it be too much recycled air in the office, smoke from the wildfires, pollens, or pollution, most of us are not breathing deeply. Deep breathes activate our parasympathetic nervous system which controls health promoting body function: digestion, late summersleep, recovery, and lowers both heart rate and blood pressure. Salt air is the highest quality environment for deep breath work. We highly encourage populating your home with house plants and salt lamps too. If a trip to the beach is not in your schedule, head to our Salt Caves! You will feel like you are sitting inside a huge Himalayan salt lamp!

8. Get out in nature!

Get outside and connect to the earth! Our bodies need the fresh filtered air nature provides. Our minds needs the curiosity and ease that nature presents. And our soul needs the expanse of the sky and connection to larger mysteries of life! Immerse yourself and unwind in the abundance of late summer through the beauty of nature.




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