At Home Skin Care, Part 1

September 1, 2018
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You asked, we listened: Here is our Recommended At Home Skin Care Cleansing Routine!At Home Skin Care, Part 1

Our Award Winning Esthetics team are always encouraging and advising Zama's clients to adapt healthy skin care routines, our goal is giving your skin optimal at home treatment! This skin care blog is the first in our blog/vlog series of best practices to keep your skin radiatiant and bright.

To start, let's focus on your at-home cleansing routine! Cleaning your skin properly is the number one method to help your skin rebuild itself naturally.

Do your cleansing routine every night!

skin careFor best results deeply clean your face every night. Your skin will work to renew while you rest. This is one reason why sleep is so important for vibrant skin. Cleaning off the environmental aggressors, such as air-born debris and toxins, and make-up allows your skin to rest and restore. Clogged pores and dirty skin prevent your skin's ability to naturally restore and renew.

Sleep induced hormones, such as melatonin and human growth hormone (HGH,) spike up while you rest. This accelerates your skin's repair and cell regeneration. In addition, your skin is highly permeable at night, meaning that whatever you have on on your face can help this process it or hurt it.

We recommend double-cleansing.

Double-cleansing enables you to fully cleanse your face so that it fully prepped to renew and absorb the nutrients from your nighttime hydration cream.

STEP 1:skin care

You'll start with an oil-based cleanser to massage off your makeup and oil buildup. Using a non-lathering oil based cleaner enables your first step to be both gentle and naturally hydrating to your skin.

We recommend Eminence's Wildflower Cleansing Balm. This gel balm transitions to an oil cleanser when massaged into skin. When emulsified with water, it will become milky and purifying. It's ideal for all skin types. Its natural botanical oils break down excess oil and debris while gently removing toxins and make-up. Your skin will be left soft and supple with no residue.


After the first step has removed any makeup and impurities, step two involves a good old-fashioned lathering cleanser and water. This will extend the benefits of your first cleanse and help gently exfoliate and resurface and smooth your skin.


Because of the way your follicles are oriented on your face, it's best to wash upwards and outwards in order to get a deeper cleanse. The reverse is true when you're applying makeup, which ideally, you don't want to drive into your pores.

(Optional) Step 3:

Apply a hydrating mist or toner to your face and wipe away any remaining make-up, toxins, and dead skin. Your toner helps to  hydrate and protect your skin. It will help close your pores after cleansing and lock in the moisture.

Next steps!

Your next step will be to use a high quality, organic, nutrient-rich moisturizer to aid in your skin's natural skin renewal routine while you sleep! Read on here and here for our holistic recommendations to care for your skin with each season and other great skin renewal tips we've compiled for you!







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