Top 2019 Wellness Trends

February 19, 2019
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Our 2019 Wellness Trend Report is here!

New wellness trends are all over the media, Instagram and on the menu at your local café, spa, and grocery store!  Simply put, a goldmine of incredible research and resurgence of time-tested modalities awaits wellness lovers! 2019 will definitely give our overall wellness community lots of new trends to work with, as well as ancient knowledge brought back into the mainstream.

Did you make any resolutions this year?2019 wellness trends

You aren't alone if you didn't! Many wellness seekers are moving away from January resolutions. Instead, they are creating action-packed bucket lists to motivate robust wellness. Others are choosing to be specific and actionable about their health trending plans.

According to Psychology Today, only 19% of resolution-makers actually achieve their resolutions.  No matter your approach, it is definitely important to look at lifestyle changes with a realistic and actionable plan that you can tackle. Avoid kicking off the new year with shame and failure at all costs! Stress is arguably the biggest contributor to illness. It is important to create plans that quell it, not increase it.

There is no doubt about it, 2019 rings in a sense of modernity where the futuristic ideas are now becoming realities.

Top 2019 Wellness TrendsThere are many new shiny creations emerging in the marketplace. Personal training built into a smart Mirror, wearable fitness tracking jewelry and an app for everything for pretty much everything wellness will be actively marketed to you. What is truly trending, though, is good old-fashioned fresh air, in-real-life (IRL) connections, meditation, gardening and simplicity.

Health and wellness seekers are becoming increasingly conscientious of not just their own vitality, but the health of the planet as well. Time outside in fresh clean air and natural landscapes promotes all things healthy: inner peace, renewal, inspiration and clarity. Reducing screen time and preventing digital isolation are important wellness factors.

We read through epic amounts of 2019 wellness trends reports. After tons of research and in-house discussions, we whittled it down to what we see as the top trends coming your way for the rest of the year.

And Now...We bring to you the Hottest 2019 wellness trends!

Celery juice!

Top 2019 Wellness TrendsNo surprise here, right!? With nearly 100,000 hits on #celeryjuice on Instagram alone, it's clear that hordes of wellness seekers are trying it out.  Anthony William, dubbed the Medical Medium, started a celery juice revolution. William states that "I’ve seen thousands of people who suffer from chronic and mystery illness restore their health by drinking 16 ounces of celery juice daily on an empty stomach."

Enthusiasts are toting that this magical 16 ounces of fresh celery juice works wonders. Results like improving gut health, energy, weight loss, mental clarity, cravings, and an overall sense of well-being being are consistently reported. You need not look far for plenty of anti-celery juice media, stating celery juice is not all that special. However, there are thousands, perhaps hundreds-of-thousands of people, out there drinking fresh celery juice every morning and sharing their love of how they feel.

Mental health & trauma-informed healing.

Top 2019 Wellness TrendsMental health awareness and prioritized wellness care around mental and emotional well-being continue to gain momentum in the wellness arena. At this point in time and evolution, we are becoming better educated and understanding of the power that mental and emotional well-being has on our overall health.

Stress, poor sleep, poor diet, lack of connectivity, etc... are all factors that deteriorate mental health. Research and deeper understanding of how underlying trauma and adverse childhood experiences (ACES) impact habitual behaviors and brain health is changing the wellness scene. Addressing trauma healing is key to overcoming many health issues. As trauma-focused healing modalities gain momentum, we are seeing increases of improved overall health and well-being for communities and families!

Modalities such as trauma-informed yoga therapy, cognitive repatterning, tapping, breathwork, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy, and many more holistic combined therapies will continue to grow. Check out more science-backed methods of trauma-healing in this article from Bulletproof.

All things CBD!Top 2019 Wellness Trends

Nearly every article we researched had CBD at the top of the list, including Forbes! Research on the effectiveness of CBD is rapidly growing. Its newly legalized status in most states has allowed consumption and personalized experience to grow. CBD infused everything is booming in the wellness marketplace! Toted for its anti-inflammatory, healing, calming, anti-anxiety, sleep assisting, and endocannabinoid stimulation, CBD demand has sky-rocketed!

We pilot tested our Signature CBD protocols here at Zama in 2018 and found that our guests LOVED receiving CBD infusions in the massages. Anecdotal reports flooded in around significant pain-relief and relaxation. We are thrilled to offer you CBD massages, pedicure, and facials! So far, we have partnered with CBD Clinic and Vital Body Therapeutics, which is made by massage therapists for massage therapists. Zama's signature approach brings you highly effective and therapeutic CBD spa experiences.

Ayurvedic science.

Top 2019 Wellness TrendsWith the rapid expansion of yoga in the West, Ayurvedic wisdom and holistic medicinal approaches are booming. Ayurveda is "India's traditional, natural system of medicine that has been practiced for more than 5,000 years. [It] provides an integrated approach to preventing and treating illness through lifestyle interventions and natural therapies. Ayurvedic theory states that all disease begins with an imbalance or stress in the individual's consciousness. Lifestyle interventions are a major ayurvedic preventive and therapeutic approach."

Ayurvedic practices include breathwork, mindful eating, largest meal at mid-day, yoga, oil massage, oil pulling, detox through sweat, use of spices and flavors to balance nutrition and specific lifestyle interventions according to one's energetic constitution or dosha. Economic forecasters are predicting Ayurveda to nearly double in the next 5 years.

Interested in incorporating Ayurvedic practices into your lifestyle or community? Deepok Chopra has a robust training program or you can check out this recent blog from MindBodyGreen for beginners.

Community fusion fitness.

Fitness programs that produce strength and flexibility will continue to grow in 2019. While wearable tracking devices like Top 2019 Wellness TrendsFitbits, at-home streaming programs and computerized fit mirrors will remain strong in the marketplace, person to person fitness and wellness practices will likely be in larger demand. Many are looking to connect and unplug. Building community has increasing numbers of wellness seekers attending live classes, competitive fitness events and participating in group challenges.

Fitness programs that mix up cardio, strength and flexibility will continue to pull in large numbers. Yoga has seen exponential growth, even in the last 5 years. With it has birthed the demand for flexibility, personalization and mindfulness into fitness programming. Keep your eye out for new hybrid classes that infuse HIIT training, yoga, strength and mindfulness.

Top 2019 Wellness TrendsHonorable mentions.

Environmental protection is an ever-increasing focus among wellness advocates. Veganism has seen huge increases and will continue to do so. Emphasis on simplicity and minimalism while reducing consumption and shunning plastic will grow in popularity. Decreasing screen time and tracking social usage will remain on the rise. Body positivity and inclusiveness in wellness marketing will continue to trend, inspire and encourage wellness for all.





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