Couples Ashiatsu Massage: The Ultimate Bonding Experience

July 1, 2019
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Amp up your bond and restore deeply with the most unique and effective therapeutic experience, a Couples Ashiatsu Massage!  ashiatsu oriental bar therapy

Ashiatsu is an ancient form of massage that originated in Asia.  What makes it unique is that it's performed with the massage therapist's barefoot feet. The therapist uses support props, including overhead bars and elevated stool, which allow them to apply deep, long and broad compression strokes to your massage!

Many massage lovers want their therapist to go deeper.

Ashiatsu technique allows the therapist to use the weight of their body and strength of their legs to penetrate deeply. The blades, souls and heels of the therapist's feet are used to provide both broad and targeted compression in the massage. Using the props, the therapist can provide the exact pressure needed and wanted for the therapeutic results. Prior to massaging you, the therapist will cleanse and sanitize their feet.

The benefits of Ashiatsu massage include:Couples Ashiatsu Massage: The Ultimate Bonding Experience

  • Deepest tissue massage without the pain. Ashiatsu massage goes about 3x deeper than tradition hands-on massage, however, the feet contour with the body and provide even pressure. This allows for a comfortable and relaxing deep tissue massage!
  • Many Ashiatsu strokes help to elongate the spine. The long, broad strokes used in Ashiatsu lengthen shortened muscles and effectively release both spasms and knots. This, in turn, can improve posture and rapidly decrease back pain.
  • Detoxification and increased circulation. Ashiatsu penetrates the deepest layers of the muscular-skeletal system, including soft tissue and fascia. This deep penetration triggers the lymphatic system, which in turn, helps flush and detoxify your body more deeply as well. Detoxification and circulation help to move painful toxins and inflammation out of your body!
  • Ashiatsu massage is easier on the therapist as well! Because the therapist is using the force of gravity in utilizing the larger muscle groups in their own body, this style of massage is much easier on their body as well. This great news for you both, as less wear and tear on the therapist's body helps them to stay energized and decreases burn out.
  • Ashiatsu massage is deeply relaxing. Yes, this style of massage is the deepest, however, the broad compression strokes are comforting and soothing. Some describe their Ashiatsu experience to feel like a Swedish massage with the triggered release of deep tissue. Others say the level of depth they receive is the best kind that "hurts so good." It's between you and your therapist how deep you want to go, you will be asked to give a number between 1 and 10 to make sure it's just the right amount of pressure!

Couples Ashiatsu massage really is the ultimate bonding experience!

couples ashiatsu massageCouples massage is a powerful tool of connection with therapeutic results. The benefits of couples massage are vast. Some highlights are increased emotional connection and easier communication. Couples massage often triggers better health choices and amps a more healthy lifestyle.

Couples Ashiatsu massage takes the benefits of a traditional couples massage to the next level! Ashiatsu has robust therapeutic benefits and simply put, it provides a unique experience like no other. It's the massage that you can get together that allows each person to get the deepest pressure while putting them both in a relaxed, dreamlike state. Walk away feeling loosened up, stretched out and tranquil. In addition, Ashiatsu is an experience that is fun to share!

Here at Zama we have a large staff trained in Ashiatsu which means that our Side by Side Ashiatsu experience or a regular Ashiatsu massage is readily available 7 days a week!

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