Sports Massage VS Deep Tissue

September 16, 2019
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What is the difference between Sports Massage vs Deep Tissue Massage?

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Let's get to the bottom of this frequently asked question! We'll start by describing how each massage works and what happens during these different sessions. Whether you are looking for pain relief or recovery from a sports-related injury, can help you find the right technique. Let's take a look at how either deep tissue or sports massage can help!

Deep Tissue Massage:

You have likely heard that deep tissue massage is the number one go-to massage for injury, pain relief and physical discomfort. It is our most popular booked service here at Zama.Sports Massage vs Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage uses some of the same massage strokes that you would experience in a relaxing Swedish massage.  The firmer pressure in a deep tissue massage constitutes more focused and pinpointed work. We offer this massage with considerably more depth and precision than our other styles. You can expect focused prolonged pressure on your inner layers. These layers include muscle fibers and connective tissue, or fascia. Deep tissue often will go against the grain of the muscle tissue to break up the adhesions or “knots” that are causing your discomfort.

While working out those tight spots, this technique assists your body by opening up the damaged tissue. This process increases circulation and flushes out painful toxins. A classic deep tissue massage can be an excellent tool for recovery from too much sitting, injury, poor posture and work-related issues.

The benefits of deep tissue massage are impressive! They can include relief from pain, improved sleep, and enhanced strength and flexibility. Improved blood pressure, weight loss and emotional healing are also common.

Sports Massage:

Similar to deep tissue, sports massage incorporates many of the same techniques that penetrate the deep layers of your tissue. It thai massagecombines Swedish massage, myofascial technique and deep tissue.

The biggest technical differences between the two lay the way Sports Massage focuses on the areas specific to the athlete's needs. The techniques used in sports massage include tapotement, vigorous and rhythmic tapping, and lots of deep stretching. Sports massage techniques work to release and restore your fascia so that you recover more quickly and aims to improve future performance. Also, sports massages are excellent prevention tools for future injury.

During a sports massage, you can expect your therapist to work through your sore and overworked areas as well as to help prepare your body for your next game, event or outing. We highly recommend sports massages before and after demanding events.

sports massage deep tissueMassage is highly beneficial to everyone!

Massage therapy includes many different approaches to helping people feel their best. Whether you have been active in your garden, working at a desk, recently been injured, feel stiff and sore or are an athlete, there are multiple types of massage that can help you achieve your wellness and performance goals! From Ashiatsu to Swedish we've got you covered!

Which is better between Sports Massage vs Deep Tissue for you?

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