14 Irresistible & Unique Valentine's Dates

January 11, 2020
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Valentine's Dates

Looking for fun and clever ways to bond this year for Valentine's Day?

First things first, Valentine's dates often need longer than just the 24 hours contained within February 14th! The love in your life deserves the investment of both your time and care. Dates, outings, events and time spent together bonding builds the foundation of what's possible between those who share your precious love. Make time and take the time to create space, inspiration and excitement for your love. Here at Zama we like to think of February as Valentine's month!

14 Irresistible & Unique Valentine's DatesLet's spark your love in 2019!

Whether Valentines is celebrated between beloveds, besties, family or growing one's own self-love, don't wait to bring on the love. What you focus your attention on grows. Envelop yourself in love, the highest vibration on the planet, and watch the world around you do the same!

Portland is a wonderful place to grow your love.

Right here in the city, we have excellent food, drink, art, music, creative businesses and natural beauty. Portland is a city like no other with a memory waiting to be made around every cover!

Within 90 miles in every direction, we have access to rivers, the ocean, lakes, mountains and fantastic natural scenery. Get your adventure shoes on, fill up your gas tank, get out and enjoy the wonders of our region!

Celebrate your love in style the whole month! Here are 14 Irresistible & Unique Valentine's Dates that you need to get on your calendar!

1.  Recreate your first date. Valentine's Dates

Write down all the details of that first outing you had together that started it all. To the best of your ability, create an experience that will truly allow you both to celebrate how it all began! A few details may need to change, but you can lovingly create a version of your first date that your life can enjoy right now! Maybe the tequila shots are replaced by kombucha shots, or maybe not... 🙂

2. Take a Haunted Valentine Pub Tour together.

How quirky is this?! Beerquest Walking Tours advertises on their webpage, "Add a little more zest to Valentine’s Day this year! Explore Portland’s dark, spooky side and celebrate with the resident ghosts of Portland, Oregon on our Haunted Valentine Pub Tour."  Send us photos if you go, okay!?

14 Irresistible & Unique Valentine's Dates3. Head to the spa together!

We definitely need to advise you to take advantage of our gorgeous and love filled spa services! Did you know that couples massage is actually emotionally therapeutic, as well as physically? Some couples report that they are able to heal and restore more from a massage together than talk therapy! Because we know how powerful couples spa services are, we have an extensive couples menu. Our Couples Escape Package is our most deluxe couple's offering and for February only you can take advantage of our Couples Warm Cocoa Butter Medley on special! 

4. Go drinking together... that is chocolate drinking!

Have you heard of drinking chocolate? It's a thing! Located in the downtown area, Cacao Drinking Chocolate serves up premium single origin chocolate from around the world. Drinking chocolate invites you to slow down and deeply enjoy your chocolate one sip at a time. If chocolate tasting is more your thing, we highly recommend heading over to our delicious spa partner, right here in NE Portland, Missionary Chocolates.  Their exquisite chocolates are made by a naturopathic doctor, all-vegan, and always delicious! We just started carrying their tasty new CBD chocolates!

14 Irresistible & Unique Valentine's Dates

5. Rent an expensive sports car for a day.

Shake up how you get around for a day and head out with a shiny speed mobile! There is something romantic about a clean, powerful car to hit the town in, or maybe the country!

6. Take a workout class together.

Bond and sweat it out together. Box it out in the ring, hit a new yoga class, take a new jogging route together or challenge each other at the gym. Try something together you don't normally do. The combination of the endorphins and exploring the unknown together is an excellent and healthy way to bond.

14 Irresistible & Unique Valentine's Dates7. Does your loved one have a big social media following?

Give him or her what she desires, a love-filled photo shoot. Head somewhere picturesque and indulge them with the creative photos of their dreams. Some great shooting location ideas are an art museum, natural landscape, industrial areas, a funky walkable area of town with good looking businesses like NW 23rd or on the site of the project they love to blog about. Pack a picnic and bring props and get creative!

8. Live out a James Bond film at a casino.

Put on your best clothes, style your hair, shine your shoes and grab your most glamorous accessories and head to the casino! Be sure to order beautiful cocktails and look out for the action!

9. Go see live music! 14 Irresistible & Unique Valentine's Dates

“If music be the food of love, play on, Give me excess of it; that surfeiting, The appetite may sicken, and so die."- William Shakespeare

Music is the vibration of love, the language of the soul, the igniter of passion and the muse of dance. Get out and let the alchemy of music sweep you into the cosmos of love!

10. Or head out for a comedy night.

What's better than laughing together!? Seriously. Well, not seriously, but you get it.

14 Irresistible & Unique Valentine's Dates11. Light off Chinese hot air balloons together.

Lots of them! Chinese New Year festivities are happening at the same time and paper lanterns are readily available on the internet and at your local Asian market. Make wishes for good fortune and set off these beautiful, majestic symbols into the sky.

12. Have a Valentine's Day bonfire.

Gather some wood and your favorite fireside treats and make a big fire, big enough to keep you both warm and enjoy the simplicity and love of the fire element. Shared time next to a fire is always memorable. There is just something about the heat, the glow and the dancing flames. Enjoy!

13. Throw a Valentine's party!14 Irresistible & Unique Valentine's Dates

Share the love, help build the love and create something magical for your loved ones. Why not help your community, family and people that you call your people, amp up the love!? Bring on the love and make your Valentine's spirit fun and accessible to the awesome souls in your life!

14 Irresistible & Unique Valentine's Dates14. Head out dancing.

Whether you love to dance or want to do more of it, Portland is rich in dance opportunities! Head out clubbing and enjoy DJ-style music or head to an establishment that offers the style of dance you want more of in your life. Learning new dance moves together or letting go free-style will lift your spirits and bring on the love mood. Right here in NE Portland, Aztec Willies offers Latin dance lessons four nights a week! Check out their schedule here.

Need a quick and thoughtful Valentine's gift? You can download Zama gift certificates 24/7 right here.

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