Couple's Spa Services Will Amp Up Your Love!

February 1, 2020
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Upgrade your connection and head to the spa for powerful couple's spa experiences!

Carving out quality time and space to connect with your sweetheart yields huge relational results! Couple's spa experiences have the power to bond you in ways you may not even realize! Time spent together soaking up therapeutic and deeply relaxing experiences connects you in the most positive and loving ways. Read about the benefits of couples massage here.

Because of what we understand and have experienced over the years with our couple's spa services, we have Couple's Spa expanded our Couples Service Menu.

Honestly, it has become somewhat of a mission here at Zama Massage to make it easy and fun for couples to come in together and take advantage of the huge relational benefits of bonding at the spa. Sharing a massage, therapeutic pedicure or extended spa package together builds a healthy connection that lasts well beyond the day you receive your couple's service. Couple's spa is a great way to uplevel your most important relationship by putting the focus on wellness care and restorative activities together!

Curious about our most robust and bonding packages?

We've curated a list of our most comprehensive couple's spa experiences! Coming in for a couple's massage will definitely make for a very special experience together. However, if you are looking to get even more from your couples time here at Zama, check out our most deluxe packages!

1. Couples Escape Package:

Whether you are celebrating a special event or simply carving out some much needed time together, the Couples Escape Package at Zama is the perfeseasonal pedicurect way to go. The Couples Escape package gives you the opportunity to unwind, quiet the noise of daily life and make time to connect with one another.

Included in the Couples Escape Package:

  • 30-minute Seasonal foot soaks, scrub, & massage
  • 90-minute Warm Cocoa Butter Massages
  • 30-minute Custom Facials
  • Chocolate truffles

This 2 and a half-hour romantic retreat blends quiet time together with therapeutic touch and spa indulgence, making these moments as memorable as your love for one another! Book HERE!

2. Couples Himalayan Dream Massage Package

The ultimate getaway at Zama is the Couples Himalayan Dream Package. Choose your length of couples massage (60 0r  90 minutes) and relax with your sweetie in our Himalayan Salt Cave Therapy Rooms. This service includes a hot towel treatment and massage with Himalayan hot stones. These healing stones produce negative ions when heated that creates a sense of peace and deep relaxation. The heat of the salt also melts restrictive fascia to allow for deeper penetration of muscles and joints.

Couple's Spa

Included in the Couples Himalayan Dream Massage Package:

  • 60 or 90-minute halo massage
  • Hot towel treatments
  • Himalayan hot stones used in massage
  • Salted caramel truffles

In addition, you will receive incredible benefits from the salt environment. While you are receiving your massage, the quiet halogenerator vaporizes and emits saline vapors into the air. The salty air cleans and purifies your lungs. After your massage, relax with your loved one in an intimate couple's space near the salt caves. Continue to relax and connect while you champagne and organic salted caramel chocolate truffles! Book HERE!

3. Couples Warm Cocoa Butter Medley

Couple's Spa This is a sacred retreat for couples. You both will love this divine and intimate service. It is a couple’s favorite here at Zama.

This couple's massage begins with warm organic fair-trade cocoa butter being drizzled over your bodies. Deeply inhaling the smell of cocoa butter offers stress relief and relaxation. As the scent of chocolate surrounds you both, and the warm cocoa pools at the base of your spines, you both will immediately begin to relax and melt away.

Included in the Couples Warm Cocoa Butter Medley:

  • Cocoa butter relaxation treatments
  • Choice of 60 or 90-minute massages
  • Personalize and combine massage options with relaxing Swedish and therapeutic deep tissue
  • Missionary Chocolate Truffles

Finish with a celebration!

This retreat is followed up with salted caramel Missionary Chocolate Truffles, making it the perfect remedy for a much-needed date night or special celebration. Book HERE!

Want to create your own Couple's Spa experience?

Give us a call at 503.281.0278 and we can help you create the exact experience you want! We have a large menu of enhancements for you both, including CBD services, hot stones, cupping, warm cocoa butter and so much more!

Give the gift of spa love with a gift certificate! 


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