Post Pandemic Wellness

June 30, 2021
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Let's talk about holistic health in these post pandemic wellness times!

As we head into this new era, it's like we are coming out of a winter of sorts. New questions pertaining to all facets of our beings have definitely arisen. Progressive ways of thinking and relating to the world around us have emerged, and rightfully so! Where we are at in this post pandemic wellness era will help define how we care for ourselves and each other. 

Can we redefine the catch phrase, "self-care?"Post Pandemic Wellness

Perhaps, if we can release some tension around the stress of these last couple years, we can emerge with better coping skills and overall health than before. If we can accomplish this we might feel, in retrospect, some amount of gratitude and renewed hope for the future. In releasing this stress, we are able to take on a new fresh outlook on ourselves and what it means to find depth in the idea of “self-care.”

The importance of self-care became much more evident to us all during the struggles of the pandemic.  Navigating what was happening both in our inner and outer worlds, became particularly challenging. Maybe in previous times self care was seen as optional and more of a seasoning then a main ingredient. Now self-care is a way of life and essential to our overall mental, emotional and physical well being. Here at Zama Massage, we constantly strive to discover new ways to bring relevance to how important “self-care” actually is for post pandemic wellness.

How do we create rituals and practices that are powerful in transforming our lives?

A question we can all ask ourselves is: What works best for me? What practices fit into my life? The danger with the word self care is its somewhat of a cliché in our culture. We can leave the apathy about the word behind by digging into our needs, in turn the most powerful practices will reveal themselves. Lets take a look at some resources that are awaiting your discovery.

How do ancient art forms and new pathways meet to create wellness?

As we take a closer look at old traditions as well as new, we can find joy in redefining the root of what restoring both body and soulpandemic wellness might look like. Simply put it seems that the biggest current trends pertaining to self care are getting back to the basics. Centering on what truly matters, which we all learned in the last couple years. The importance of restful sleep, paying close attention to our mental and emotional health and minimalism. These practices were born out of necessity. We all share these basic needs, however they are often overlooked. If we start here with basics and find a way to master just this level of self love, it can lead us into deeper practices of self appreciation and celebration. 

Therapies that have been around and proven themselves valuable and relevant for thousands of years are a good place to start.

The methods are to countless to note but here are some that are worth mentioning!

Cupping, for example, is an ancient Chinese tradition that promotes the balance of the “qi” or life force by placing heated cups on the surface of the body. It aids in blood circulation while reducing pain and increasing the bodies resistance to pathogens, just to name a few of its benefits. In the past animal horns were used, but today you can expect modernized versions. Here at Zama, we have treatments with both silicone and magnetic cups.

In the same vein, we find another Chinese method of attaining health in the form of acupressure, which follows the same theory andPost Pandemic Wellness meridian points as acupuncture, minus the needles. Taking the needles out of the equation some may feel much more comfortable with this technique. It also aids in the balance of the “qi” as well as releases endorphins and positively effects are felt in the autonomic nervous system.

Taking advantage of these ancient wellness practices will lead to a happier healthier you. Many of these ancient pathways to health were not seen as “self-care” but as a real way of maintaining vitality and wellness in the body. Maybe the trouble with our modern culture is that due to its non-invasive non a aggressive approach we question the validity of such measures.

Old meets the new.

What often appears to be newer modalities are often age old resources met with modern technology. Halotherapy for instance, orPost Pandemic Wellness dry salt therapy is one of these mentioned. Halotherapy uses the natural element of salt mixed with current technology to deliver salt particles through the air to be breathed into the body. In turn recipients may experience relief of an array of symptoms from asthma, eczema to anxiety. 

Magnetic acupressure is also worth highlighting here. The cupping method follows the lines of the meridians on the body and releases tight muscular fibers. It also balances the energy of your body while simultaneously calming the parasympathetic nervous system. This in turn takes your body out of the fight or flight response,  lowering cortisol levels in the body and calming down the vagus nerve. These effects lead to a calmer more tranquil state of being.

We all are very familiar with massaging techniques and have probably experienced this modality many times throughout our lives. But there are an array of ways to experience the benefits of massage. Techniques from Ashiatsu oriental bar therapy to Swedish and deep tissue, finding the right way for receiving healing touch is completely unique to you and worth trying different avenues! 

Does self-care seem like another thing to add to your already busy schedule?Post Pandemic Wellness

For many, the massive amount of things to be considered as “self-care” are overwhelming, especially around post pandemic wellness needs. Perhaps you are trying to fathom just drinking more water today, or finding time to rest. Trust us, we are all feeling this way! Self-love can be about holding space and compassion for yourself, taking baby steps everyday to move more towards wellness. Try a yoga class or a couple minutes of breath exercises a day to begin this journey. Or maybe you are a seasoned veteran in the art of self-love, either way we can help you find new ways to genuinely take care of yourself here at Zama. We have done the work behind the scenes to find the most powerful ways to relax, rejuvenate and reset your wellness. You and your health are worth it! 

As you deepen your self-care in this post pandemic wellness era, we are here for you! Check out our therapeutic spa menu here and book here!

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