Lwala’s Supporters in 2022

*Monthly givers

Founders’ Circle

Lwala Community Hospital Endowment

MacKenzie Scott
TJ and Seran Glanfield
Larry Trabue
Constance Shumba
Jena and James Nardella
Chris and Kirstin Hobday
Leigh and Morgan Hillenmeyer
Paige and Henry Menge
Elizabeth and Bill Hawkins
Ash Rogers and Garett Switzer
David and Susan Pyke
Lee and Mary Barfield
Senator Bill and Tracy Frist
Diane and Gus Lee
Clay and Dorothy Sifford
Jessie and Brian Adams
Julia and Ted DeNapoli
100 Degrees Consulting
Marie Martin and Brian Heuser
Erin Ricci
Mary Mulliken
Ebralie and William Mwizerwa
Jacqueline Lemke Chow In Memory of Brooke Baxter
Margaret and Terry Noonan
Erik Olsen
Marc and Mindy Scibilia
Kate Clouse
Karen Cochran
Carmelle Arad and Robert Libetti
Brittany Brown and Ric Leno
Melanie and John Sullivan
Nanne Simonds
Barrett Foa
Sallie Olsen
Lindsey Rome
Elizabeth Rose
Lenox Mulliken
Kristin Olsen In Memory of Dr. Richard Olsen
Heather Slagell
Derek and Lisa Wolfe
Adriene Daigneault
Matt and Jenny Mulliken
Debra Brevard


Children’s Investment Fund Foundation
An Anonymous Foundation 
CRI Foundation


Sint Antonius Stichting Projecten
The ELMA Foundation
Partners for Equity
Ray and Tye Noorda Foundation
The Ripple Foundation
Imago Dei Fund 
Mulago Foundation
Crown Family Philanthropies 
Dovetail Foundation
Grand Challenges Canada
Every Mother Counts
Deerfield Foundation
Vitol Foundation
Comic Relief
Social Initiative
Bohemian Foundation 
Segal Family Foundation
Wellspring Philanthropic Fund


Izumi Foundation
Stichting Dioraphte 
Vanderbilt University
The Erik E. & Edith H. Bergstrom Foundation 
One World Children’s Fund
The Waterloo Foundation
Blood:Water Mission
DAK Foundation 
Godley Family Foundation


Harry and Jeanne Baxter
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation 
Living Goods
Chris and Kirstin Hobday
Hobday Family Foundation
Bylo Chacon Foundation


Elizabeth and Stephen Carr
Sarah and Peter Lanfer
Mary and Brian Campbell 
Dr. Georgia Mode
Merkel Family Fund
Thrill Hill Foundation


Susan and Lewis Greenstein 
Linda and Phillip Andryc
Allison Family Fund
Katie and Brian Boland
Jim and Robin Herrnstein 
Suzanne and Thad King 
Blake Niederhauser
Brad Thomason 
Karen Wood


Jocelyn and Brian Mason 
Harpeth Hall School 
Hunter and Glencora King 
Jessie and Brian Adams
Kelley Barnaby 
Hearne Dry Goods Company
Kevin and Kristin Harney
Alecia Foster 
Dr. Xylina Bean


Bonnie Leber and Thomas Folan
Constance Britton*
Susan Douglas and Felix Dowsley
Erik Wang and Brianne Johnsen
Alecia Foster
Jody & Craig Maughan
Milton and Laura Ochieng’ In Memory of Naphtali Bondo Ligawa
Daniel Borkenstein
Elizabeth and Bill Hawkins
Karen and Justin Hill
Rick Majzun
Emily-Anne Patt
Teresa Ribadeneyra & Joseph Lalka
Karen Callahan
Ben and Bekah Pyne
Renee and Waldon Garriss*
Erin and Mark Miller*
Sten Vermund and Pilar Vargas*
Cheryl and Harvey Major*
Ellen Metzger*
Russell Fitzgerald*
Larry and Kay Litten*
Dean Savell
Sallie and John Bailey
Annabel and Timothy Barger
Ann and Frank Bumstead
David Morgan and Karen Bloch
Frederick Ochieng’ and Aimee Abizera
Marilyn Paganucci
Sheila and Daniel Riesel
Jamie and David Sauerburger
Paul Teschan
Reed and Rosie Trickett


Kristina Swenson*
Joel Stanton*
Dinah Fitzgerald*
Ross and Autumn Carper 
Joseph and Kimberly Wehby
Mike Gardner
Robert and Paulette File Foundation
Mindy and Marc Scibilia*
Susan Glick*
Gail Harriss and Charlie Higby
Adam Lundquist 
Jeff and Melinda Balser*
Friedrich Geck*
John Gitau and Rosemary Chege*
Victoria Heil and Eric Raefsky*
Dr. Bill and Sarah Young 
Julia and John Morris*
Carolyn Woodfork-Richardson*
Jonathan Andereck*
James Brown and Katherine Harris*
George Srour 
Elizabeth and Ed Warren*
Leslie and David Buffo
Jennifer Belfry 
Judson and Carol Burnham 
Paul and Susan Danzinger 
Matthew Forti 
Andrea Rosenblum 
Benjamin Ira 
Catherine Kling 
Peter and Penelope Wright
William and Jane Krafft 
William Lewis 
Quinton-Fildes-McManamy Family Fund 
Kay and David Raybin
Marcus Salmen
Janice and John Skelton 
Adam Wegner
John Winn 
John and Mary Zic
Andy and Katie Friedland
Peggy Leapley
Dr. Joquetta Paige*
Michele Martin
Katharine Sterling 
James Chamberlain
Liz Chamberlain
Judith Chaffee and Pete Wishnok
Ebralie and William Mwizerwa
Michelle Kingsbury and John Walker*
David and Rachel Ignacio*
Mark and Joyce Splaine

Richard Wamai
Sherry DeLeon*
Jane Easdown*
Mariana and William Stahl*
George Hill 
Rhonda Cook 
Jennifer Feldman 
Girija Shinde*
Sharii Rey*
Mamka Anyona 
Ted Brynn
Christine Costelloe
Jill Hodges 
Gabrielle Tierney 
Pamela Cook and Paul Gietzel 
Sacared Bodison
Robert and Theresa Connolly 
Mary Dinday
Ruth Eckland 
Laurie and Steven Eskind
Tina Essegian 
Russell and Deborah Hall 
Deming Holleran
Tamisie Honey
Karen Janowski and Thomas Becker 
Stuart and Penelope Johnson 
Nicholas and Angela Kalayjian
Therese Kristensen 
Anya Malkiel 
Paula March 
Claire and French McKnight 
Claudia and Ethan Moeller 
Roy and Gillian Myers 
Janice Pettey 
Martha and Steven Rule
John and Kirstin Scott 
Michelle Swenson 
Margaret Taft 
Janet Tornow and T. Rogers 
Michelle Viado 
Richard Wallace 
Jennifer and Michael Robinson*
Stephanus Eman*
 Ecenur Ege
Valerie Gamache*
Thomas McAuliff and Janella Pennington*
Delta Sigma Theta
Norman and Christine Poulson
Dionne Gayle
Wilma Berkeley 
Dorothy Norland
Karen and John Sanders 
Barry Smith 
Chip and Sara Brettell 
Ari Johnson and Jessica Beckerman 
Scott and Mindy Orman
David and Susan Pyke
Denton and Lauren King 
Duncan and Sara Wood
Oran and Sara Aaronson*
Ashley Marks*
James Mnookin 
Jeffrey Glick
Kristen Foery*
Anne Walentik
Colleen Kelly and Matthew Jankowich 
Stephen and Lenore Trainor
Nancy Goodman
Debra and Paul Suriano
Alice Werbel 
Susan Davidson 
Melizsa Mugyenyi 
Ann Green*
Michelle Kiger*
Christine Knippenberg*
Virginia and Grant Bousquet
Dawn Bowen
Laura Clifford 
Deborah Gooding
Mark Graziano 
Susan Lefevre 
William Newsome 
Gladys Onyango
Bonnie Prettapapop 
Christine and Jeffrey Shiffer 
Wendy Bocock 
Linda and John Bodine 
Kevin Brown and Betsy Meinhardt
Nanne Simonds 
Paul and Carol Caldrone
Jeffrey and Charlotte Cheyne
Melanie Choukas-Bradley 
Ziggy and Kim Clayton 
Jackie Dalrymple 
Bettina and David Eilers
Cathay and Wilford Fuqua
Robert and Susan Gruen
Sara Hobson 
Bill Hobson 
Claudia Huskey 
Carrie and Mark Jackson 
Andrew and Sherry Kenney 
Patti Kile and Glen Bullick 
Ernest and Barbara Kinchen
Mark Koury and Daphne Walker 
Dick and Linda Mackay 
William and Shelley Mason 
Eileen McDermott
Amy Partridge 
Rosanne Petru
Barry Raebeck 
Susan and Tom Slater 
Anna Smith 
Bayle and Richard Drubel 
Deborah Thompson and Omer Abadir
Michael Walton
Ridley and Irene Wills 
Megan Wren
Laura Cleveland*
Debbie Wolf 
Janice Stachowiak 
James and Patricia Daniels 
Christine Schott
Aram and Michel Ayalon 
Gleb Drobkov 
Alysa and Craig Emden
Janette Gilbert 
Amy Gross 
Rosalie McGinniss 
Mac and Karen Pirkle 
Bob and Kathleen Logan
Annie Bernstein 
Timothy and Sandra Buzard 
Maria Camacho 
Lee Dabney 
Elizabeth Elliott 
Paul Foster 
Lisa Grossi 
Nicolle Hamilton 
Toni Hill 
Caryn Karo 
Teresa Klyszejko 
Shannon Kustra 
Nicolyn Nicholson 
James and Eleanor Schneid 
Helen and John Skelly 
Tiffany Weaver 
Jay and Beth Whitehair 
Rick Hubner
Linda Tinson 
Sara Usher 
Henry Homeyer 
Greta Thomas 
Karen Keske 
Hilary Verson

Program Partners

Kenya Ministry of Health
Kenya Ministry of Education
Kenya Ministry of Gender, Children, and Social Development
African Leadership Academy
Big Bang Philanthropy
Center for International Health, Education, and Biosecurity—Kenya
Communities at the Heart of UHC
Community Health Impact Coalition
Community Health Units for Universal Health Coverage
Direct Relief
Education for All Children
Innovations in Healthcare
Living Goods
MSI Reproductive Choices
Nama Wellness Center
National Health Insurance Fund
Population Council
Princeton in Africa
Regional Education Learning Initiative
University of California San Francisco
University of Maryland Baltimore
Vanderbilt Institute of Global Health
Village Enterprise

Every mother deserves a safe delivery. Every child deserves a 5th birthday.

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