Reports to: Laboratory Technologist In-Charge
Location: Migori, Kenya
Start Date: April 2023


Organizational Background

Founded by a group of committed Kenyans, Lwala builds the capacity of rural communities to advance their own comprehensive well-being. We support communities to design, implement, and evaluate solutions to their most pressing health challenges. Then, we build coalitions of communities, health workers, government, and universities to generate evidence of impact and infuse these insights into the formal health system in Kenya and beyond. This bottom-up change promises holistic solutions that are custom-built for the systems they are meant to reform.

1. Position Purpose

The person is responsible for the overall management of the laboratory. The position is also responsible for ensuring provision of efficient, speedy, and accurate laboratory services (tests and procedures) to assist in diagnosing, monitoring, and treating patients.

Key Responsibilities

The responsibilities of the Laboratory Technologist include but are not limited to:

R1. General Management

  1. Ensure effective implementation of protocols, standards, procedures, rules, and regulations that are consistent with laboratory and clinical services.
  2. Ensure adherence to Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for the laboratory services.
  3. Ensure that weekly plans/schedules and reports are prepared and handed in a timely manner.
  4. Produce timely and accurate reports in line SOPs.
  5. Manage financial and material resources allocated to the unit in a prudent manner.
  6. Ensure all laboratory equipment is kept clean and in good working condition and ensure regular routine and preventive maintenance of the laboratory equipment is carried out.
  7. Ensure all procedures are billed to capture revenue.
  8. Supervise routine and preventive maintenance of the laboratory equipment.
  9. Ensure effective stock and inventory management and ensure availability and optimum utilization of reagents for cost effectiveness.
  10. Document and report lost, damaged, or non-functioning equipment to LCA management.
  11. Supervise and train staff in the Laboratory Unit.

R2. Laboratory Duties

  1. Adhere to protocols, standardize, procedures, rules and regulations used in the analysis of specimens and in medical laboratory experiments.
  2. Undertake periodic evaluation and modification of procedures, techniques and tests used in the analysis of specimens.
  3. In accordance with MOH an LCA protocols, receive and process patient specimens, including but not limited to, stools, blood, urine, and respiratory swabs.
  4. Provide patient education about the relevant specimen collection and testing.
  5. Perform the appropriate analyses and tests while maintaining timely processing and dispatching of results.
  6. Collect samples that need to be sent to a higher-level facility for specialized testing, such as a referral hospital or national centers for research and testing.
  7. Conduct chemical analysis of body fluids as per instructions by the Clinical Officer.
  8. Analyze samples of biological material for chemical content or reaction.
  9. Identify and communicate abnormal patient conditions by alerting supervisory personnel and the clinician; report mandated information to the Ministry of Health or other designated officials.
  10. Prepare purchase orders for the procurement of necessary medications, equipment, and supplies from vendors and suppliers.
  11. Track order progress through payment, shipping, and reconciliation.
  12. Establish and monitor programs to ensure the accuracy of laboratory results.
  13. Provide technical information about test results to physicians, family members and researchers.
  14. Ensure Superior Customer Experience to all internal and external clients.

R3. Health and Safety Systems

  1. Ensure compliance with all relevant safety and infection control policies and procedures and ensure tidiness of laboratory rooms, benches, and proper house-keeping.
  2. Ensure adherence to safe and secure environment for patients, visitors, clinicians and co-workers by following established standards and procedures; comply with local and national legal regulations.
  3. Maintain quality results by running standards and controls, verify equipment function through routine equipment maintenance and advanced trouble-shooting; calibrate equipment utilizing approved testing procedures; monitor quality control measures and protocols.

R4. Documents / Records

  1. Document all patient information and test results in the appropriate database and records.
  2. Document all processes and results to ensure availability of supportive information.
  3. Implementing all set stock control procedures to ensure accountability.
  4. Ensure that data from the lab is handled confidentially at all times.
  5. Prepare the clinic returns/expense reports for funds received on a weekly/monthly basis.
  6. Work in liaison with accounts office to quantify what is needed and order laboratory chemicals with attached report on usage.

R5. Quality Controls and Assurance

  1. Ensure that established procedures are adhered to in order to maintain quality assurance in delivery of clinical services.
  2. Maintain quality standards established for health service delivery by the facility.
  3. Ensure adherence to regulations for clinics established by Health Authorities.
  4. Ensure timely reporting to the supervisor on matters that need attention/information.
  5. Promote initiatives that support delivery of high-quality Clinical care services and ensure that the hospital maintains effective client service.
  6. Report matters that need respective attention/information/action of the Head Clinician and Director of Hospital and Operations in a timely manner.

R6. Monitoring and Learning

  1. Supports monitoring and evaluation initiatives at LCA.
  2. Coordinate and organize teaching and educational sessions to enhance staff knowledge in laboratory matters.
  3. Maintain and use strong monitoring systems to track and report on activities and results to support effective delivery of clinical care services.
  4. Support Periodic review performance metrics with the M&E team and employ use of data for decision making that promotes high quality clinical care services.
  5. Support documentation and dissemination of appropriate case studies, experiences, best practice and lessons.
  6. Encourage sharing of learning and experience with the team, across the organization and with like-minded/peer organizations.

R7. Relationship Management

  1. Establish and maintain relationships with local vendors and suppliers.
  2. Maintain good working and profitable relationships with clients and local community.
  3. Maintain good working relationship with individuals that visit the clinic.
  4. Cultivate good working relationships with peer from health agencies such as Ministry of Health, KEPI, and MEDS etc.

R8. Other Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Perform any other duties as may be directed by management from time to time.

Qualifications and Experience

Level of education / academic qualification

  • Diploma in Management
  • Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology from a recognized institution
  • KCSE mean grade C

Specialized training / professional qualifications

  • Registered with the Kenya Medical Laboratory Technologist and Technicians Board.

 Other competencies / abilities / skills required

  • Good communication and report writing skills.
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Attention to details.
  • Working knowledge of computer application packages.
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision.
  • Good interpersonal, public relation and customer care skills.
  • Must be diligent, honest and responsible person with self-discipline.
  • Demonstrate good leadership skills with the ability to work under no supervision.
  • Good spoken and written English and Kiswahili.
  • Current knowledge on HIV/AIDS and best practices.
  • A love for community and a heart to serve are critical for this position.

Relevant work experience

  • At least 3 years of relevant work experience in a similar role.


  • Commitment to impact – The individual should be passionate about Lwala’s mission and the population we serve, and relentless in pursuit of generating evidence and learning to understand our impact as we test our community-based innovations and scale with government and partners.
  • Communication skills – Strong written and verbal communications skills are essential, in particular, the ability to communicate complex thoughts and ideas simply and effectively and tailor communications to the non-technical audience.
  • Energy, motivation and stamina - The role can be demanding and, at times, subject to external pressures for timely completion. The candidate must be adaptive, creative, organized, and highly motivated.
2. Contacts Arising from the Job

Within the Organization

  • Hospital staff
  • Program staff
  • Finance staff
  • Kenya leadership team
  • All staff

Outside the Organization

  • Patients/Clients
  • Target Communities and beneficiaries
  • Donors/partners
  • Collaborating agencies
  • Ministry of Health
  • Nursing Council of Kenya
  • County Government
  • Kenya Expanded Programme on Immunization (KEPI)
  • MEDS and other suppliers of drugs and services
  • Other community organizations working in the area
3. Authority / Independent Action

The job is performed in accordance with standard procedures and guidance with occasional need for independent decision. It is guided by the professional standards outlined in the respective professional field and must be performed without compromise to those standards.

It makes recommendation to the management on issues relating to management of clinical services - supplies, drugs and equipment that enable effective service delivery.

3. Resource Management Responsibility

The job provides responsibility for financial, human and material resources. The position is responsible for all assets of the hospital. The position is the budget holder for Clinical care services department.  

4. Working Conditions
  • Working environment

The job is conducted at the health facility in Lwala which requires examination of clients and full concentration. The position requires the incumbent to at times work odd hours at times on call at night.

  • Occupational hazards

There is exposure to risks that come with handling people with diverse medical conditions especially infectious diseases as well as handling of dangerous medical equipment and substances. Periodical exposure to adverse weather conditions and risky situations is a possibility.

5. To Apply

Please follow this link to apply >>> Lab Technologist Job Application

The application deadline is 14th March 2023

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