How to prepare for Far-Infrared Body wrap

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We are excited that you have decided to explore the possibilities of what the Far-Infrared Body wrap system can accomplish for you. Here is some information on how to prepare for the service.

  • Stay well hydrated prior to and after your service
  • Eat a light high protein meal an hour and half prior to the service
  • No heavy exercise after your treatment
  • Bring a swimsuit or we have disposable attire for your convenience
  • It is recommended to wait to eat up to four hours after treatment drinking water is okay
  • Please do not shower so the creams can take full affect

This Far-Infrared Body Wrap treatment is best done in a series, and while most people see satisfying results after the first session, others take a little longer to respond. Your therapist will discuss your goals and expectations with you before you start. Either way, best results will be achieved if you follow our suggestions for preparation each and every time you visit Zama to receive this treatment.

It is important to remember to hydrate after you receive your treatment as well.

We look forward to seeing you soon! Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

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