What is fascia blasting!?

fascia blasting

We promote only the best in holistic wellness and take great care with the products and recommendations we bring to our 5-star day spa. Fascia blasting has developed considerable fame in the weight loss and cellulite removal industries over the past couple years. With this in mind, our goal is to give you a balanced perspective of this wellness tool, with a focus on holistic wellness and actual functionality. The question everyone is asking "Is fascia blasting a fad or fab?"

How does fascia blasting work?

You might have heard about it already on your favorite social media platforms, it has gone viral this past year. Fascia blasting is a term that usually coincides with the use of a FasciaBlaster, created by Ashley Black. A FasciaBlaster is a white plastic wand with claw-like attachments that you Fascia Blasting: Fad or Fab?rub over the area you are targeting. There are many other tools on the market that are similar that have a variety of names like "massage roller stick, cellulite blaster, cellulite massager," and so on.

The idea behind fascia blasting is to manually break up fascia, the sheath of connective tissue that is below your skin and surrounds muscles and organs.

When our fascia has become compressed, hardened, or immobile, it leads to many conditions such as pain, poor mobility, cellulite, sagging skin, weak circulation, and nerve issues.

The goal of fascia blasting is to release and soften fascia to reduce pain, smooth skin, and increase mobility.

The original FasciaBlaster was created to relieve pain after hip replacement surgery. After anecdotal evidence of cellulite reduction with use of this FasciaBlaster, the use of this massage wand exploded in the beauty and weight-loss industries.

What are fascia blasting benefits?fascia blasting

While there are no scientific studies on fascia blasting, there are many passionate users sharing their stories on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other popular social media sites. How-to-videos, compelling before and after photos, and testimonials have successfully placed fascia blasting into the on-line limelight. Fascia blasting users are reporting the following improvements: cellulite reduction, fat loss, muscle performance improvement, facial uplift, butt lift, reduced skin sag, muscle definition, pain relief, increased mobility, and improved posture and alignment.

How does fascia blasting work?

fascia blasting

Photo courtesy of Ashley Black

How these massage sticks are used depends on the type of results you are looking for. For those looking for pain relief, they will generally target the areas they are focusing on. Those looking to improve skin smoothness and weight loss will generally use their blasters over their whole body. The use and actual results using a FasciaBlaster are varied. Many join on-line forums to get help, encouragement and ideas for using this tool.

It is recommended that you do fascia blasting immediately after a workout, use of a heat pad, or sauna while the muscles are warm. Massage oil or coconut oil is recommended. The claws or pressure points on the massage stick are then firmly massaged onto focal areas for 3 to 5 minutes. This massage is generally uncomfortable or painful. Up to four sessions per week are recommended for best results.

What are the users saying?

fascia blastingWe went on-line and asked many users about their experience with fascia blasting. What we learned from anecdotal evidence is that many users are having great success in the area of pain relief and mobility.  Results seem to be more mixed with cellulite reduction, weight loss, and skin improvement.

We learned that many struggle to keep up with the fascia blasting recommendation of frequent use and therefore aren't getting results. On the other hand, the users who are seeing improvements are absolutely thrilled and are passionately encouraging others to try out the method. We even heard from multiple yoga practitioners that their flexibility and postures have improved dramatically.

Our recommendations regarding fascia blasting:

Being in the massage business means fascia release is our game! We love seeing our clients and community get the results. Wefascia blasting have always recommended foam rolling and trigger point therapy in addition to regular massage. Cupping also provides great results in improving fascia health and breaking up adhesions. As for using a FasciaBlaster or massage stick, we support its use according to the manufacturer guidelines. We also recommend staying hydrated, adding collagen to your diet, good nutrition, and athletic training to support your fascia goals. And finally, we recommend going long on self-love and self-care.

Keep your relationship with your body in perspective and appreciate your body for all the amazing things it does for you every day!



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