In less than 5 days, more than 20,000 eager runners, and thousands more of their supporters, will be participating in the Portland Marathon -- A marathon Runner’s World called  “the best people’s marathon in the West.”

Runners have been preparing for this event for months.  They work hard to stay hydrated, and they carefully plan their meals to ensure their bodies have the right fuel to get them through the race.  They also log countless hours of training, and if time and resources permit, they get regular bodywork to support the repair and recovery of their muscles.

In an article on, Melissa Eisler speaks with massage therapist, Mary Owen, who likens getting bodywork while training, to the regular maintenance of your car.  Mary says, "It's amazing how many athletes don't even think about getting bodywork, especially when they are in season.  Regular maintenance is always recommended to athletes that are consistently overworking the same muscle groups.  But during those tough parts of the year, when athletes are racing, competing and doing their most rigorous training, that's when it's most important."
Read the full article here:  Tune-up-your-body-with-sports-massage-therapy

Hal Higdon, a long time contributor to Runner's World, states that runners should take as much care in the recovery phase of training as they do in its preparation.  He suggests including massage into your recovery regimen 28-48 hours after the race is completed.  Read his post race recommendation here:  Post-Marathon-Zero-Week-Training-Program

At Zama massage, our highly trained massage therapists are ready to assist you in your pre and post race care.  We have created a special massage, The Weekend Warrior, designed specifically for you - athletes training for, or recovering from, the Portland Marathon, on October 6th, 2013.

Some benefits of massage can include:

Massage also has many powerful physiological effects such as decreasing heart rate and cortisol levels, resulting in overall feelings of relaxation, improved moods and lower rates of stress.

Not a runner?  No worries.  These tips are good for all active members of our community!

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