Have a Toasty Warm Holiday with HotShotz!

Summer has passed and the fall and winter seasons are once again upon us here in the beautiful city of Portland! Whether you are out and about enjoying the winter festivities, at home defrosting or have some muscle soreness or pain; HotShotz instant, reusable heat packs are here to help! HotShotz are your quick and easy solution to the daily muscular issues that come upon us as well as a solution to your shivering and goose bumps. With the click of a button, Hotshotz reusable heat packs will instantly crystallize and heat up to 130 degrees!

Many of you are already using products such as an electric heating pads or microwavable rice packs on those days when you have intolerable muscle stiffness or soreness. Zama Massage and Therapeutic Portland ORWhat about when you are on the go and suddenly hit with a neck spasm or a lower back throb and you don't have a microwave or plug in in sight? Hotshotz comes in handy for these moments, pain relief and relaxation on the go! HotShotz reusable and instant heat packs do not require a microwave or batteries so they make it easy to use.

Convenient and therapeutic for muscle pain, HotShotz are a favorite of any outdoor enthusiast! With a diverse variety of sizes to choose from, HotShotz are convenient and ideal for skiers, snowboarders, camping, or outside winter activities. Great for pet lovers, they will keep your four legged friends warm at night.

With one easy click of a button, a HotShotz heat pack will instantly crystallize and heat up to a toasty 130 degrees! Lay or press it against the area of stiffness to encourage muscle relaxation or to reduce pain, it will leave you moving freely and able to continue on with your day! By applying therapeutic heat to an area of pain you will experience increased blood flow through the tissue. The increased blood flow helps relieve pain, while delivering oxygen and nutrients to the injured, sore muscle area. Non-toxic and incredibly durable, HotShotz will continue to generate heat anywhere from 30 minutes to four hours based on the size of the HotShotz and how well you keep them insulated.

Starting on Black Friday through the entire month of December Hotshotz reusable heat packs are 10% off!  You will find it is a wonderful gift that keeps on giving.  Click here to find HotShotz in our online store.



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