Brittany Dikeman, Lead LMT at Zama

Brittany Dikeman has been a massage therapist for over a decade. She started her massage career at the age of seventeen, and has spent most of her career discovering modalities and techniques to help people manage and eliminate pain. Relieving tension headaches, increasing range of motion, relieving stiffness, healing injuries sustained from motor vehicle accidents or over-training injuries, reducing work related tension, and increasing overall general relaxation are Brittany’s specialties. She has mastered deep tissue and trigger point therapy as well as ART (Active Release Therapy) and cupping (magnetic and silicone cups are her favorite types of cups to use.) Brittany is honored to be working at Zama and is proud to be leading Zama’s extraordinary and experienced team of over 20 massage therapists.

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Zama Massage Therapeutic Spa

2149 NE Broadway Street
PortlandOregon 97232
Off street parking in back (compact cars only).

Phone: 503.281.0278


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