"My husband and I escaped the TX heat to enjoy our Babymoom (last vacation before baby arrives) in Portland, OR.  I researched a ton of places where I could get a prenatal massage and Zama had wonderful reviews so I decided to book here...boy am I glad I did!  I booked the Zama Mama Prenatal Massage Package, which comes with a 30 minute foot soak and 90 minute prenatal massage.  I also added a 60 minute Bright Facial.

When I arrived, I was warmly greeted by the receptionist and offered water and tea.  Get the Good Earth Sweet & Spicy HerbalTea - it is delicious and caffeine free so it's safe for mommies-to-be!  I was then greeted by Tien who led me to a room for my foot soak.  I had worn jeans that weren't so easy to roll up above my calves, so she had me change into a much more comfortable spa robe and slippers.  Then she worked her magic - soaking my feet in a warm water bath then exfoliating with a scrub and massaging my feet and calves....ahhhhh!

Next I was taken to a quiet waiting area with comfy furniture and was offered more tea.  It was only a short few minute wait until I was greeted by my massage therapist, Bree.  She led me to a room and kindly explained the prenatal massage I was about to receive, that it would be light pressure, and I'd be lying on my side with pillows to help with propping and comfort.  The massage table was heated which was nice, but for me, unnecessary, since I wasn't really cold.  (Side note - I was warm the entire time I was at Zama.  Not sure if this is due to me being pregnant and accustomed to air conditioning on full blast down in TX, but there didn't seem to be any cooling system on at Zama.  I wasn't uncomfortably hot, but for me it was a wee bit warm throughout my 3 hours there).  The massage sheets were also quite soft, which is important to me (too many places I've been to that skimp on cheap, thin sheets).

This massage included a warm, decadent cocoa butter that was drizzled on and gently massaged all over the body.  Bree's pressure was perfect!  I've had many massages before and my own personal way of determining how relaxed I am during a service is if I catch myself falling asleep/snoring.  And there were at least a half dozen times during that 90 minute massage that I definitely drifted off and was lightly awakened by the sound of my own snoozing!

After the massage, I was led back to the waiting area, and again, offered a beverage.  Another short wait, and I was greeted by my facialist, Iman.  We had briefly met earlier in the foot soak room as we were discussing my pregnancy and her new 5 month old son.  Iman led me to a room beaming with natural sunlight.  She offered me a list of "enhancements" to review and add to my treatment, but did not pressure me into it.  I read over the options and decided on the ice globe add on (+$5), which helps to relieve redness (something I always seem to get after a facial).  I highly recommend this add on!  Iman used these ice cold, smooth as marbles frozen spheres to massage my face - a really nice touch!  I don't get a ton of facials, but this one included the usual (cleanse, steam, mask, etc.) and all of the products smelled really good.

If I had only one complaint, it would be that my package was supposed to include a gift - a cocoa butter heart.  I forgot to ask about it before I left, but called back later on once I remembered that I never received it.  The receptionist told me that they were out of that free gift, and that they had to wait for more to be made (I believe she mentioned they are made by someone who works there).  She did offer to speak with the spa director to see if they could mail it out to me since I was visiting from out of town, so I sure hope they keep their word on that.

Otherwise, this was one of the highlights of our Babymoon.  If hubby was more into spa treatments, I would have loved for him to join me (he opted to hang out at the Beer Festival, which was fine by me!).  But there were 3 couples that were in the waiting room for services as I was checking out, so this definitely is a place that caters to couples' treatments!  Overall, I had a fantastic experience at Zama, though my favorite part was definitely that warm cocoa butter treatment - I will be dreaming of that massage by Bree for awhile!

All you mothers to be who are looking for a great place to get a relaxing pre-natal massage, look no further - Zama Massage is the place to go!"


Emmeline B. - As seen on Yelp

Zama Massage Therapeutic Spa

2149 NE Broadway Street
PortlandOregon 97232
Off street parking in back (compact cars only).

Phone: 503.281.0278


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