"I've had the pleasure of getting treatment from the lovely Robin. I'm a personal trainer so my body gets used and abused and I was looking for a therapist who could help keep me loose and aid in my mobility. And boy has she. I've only had 2 treatments, but she is hands down the BEST massage therapist I have ever gotten work done from. And I've seen a lot of massage therapists in my life. Very talented ones at that. She's 10x better than the best massage therapist I've ever had.

I would highly recommend going to see Robin at Zama if you're looking for someone who's not afraid to get into the muscles fiercely. Her touch is not light (which I prefer), but extremely effective. I've now made standing appointments with her every three weeks to ensure my body stays right.

Zama is a little expensive, but from what I've experienced, I'm 100% wiling to pay for the service. I'd rather pay more money now and only have to come in very couple months if I wanted to, than pay very little but have to see someone multiple times in a month." -As seen on Yelp

Zama Massage Therapeutic Spa

2149 NE Broadway Street
PortlandOregon 97232
Off street parking in back (compact cars only).

Phone: 503.281.0278


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