On our last day of our 3 day trip to Portland, my friend and I began to run out of things we wanted to do, as we are not really outdoorsy kind of people.  I suggested we get a massage so I did a quick Yelp search and found the Dragontree spa.  They didn't have any openings on such short notice so they recommended Zama Massage.

I quickly called Zama and luckily they booked us for a wax and 2 Swedish massages.  Yay!  As a side note, if you are a visitor to Portland (from Hawaii especially), you will be pleasantly surprised how easy it is to get around the city.

Zama Massage is located in a two story house with parking in the back.  Our car was the only one in the parking lot and my friend got a little skeptical.  But her worries quickly disappeared with the comings and goings of the numerous relaxed and satisfied customers on a Sunday afternoon.

The waiting room was comfortable as we enjoyed complimentary tea and water and used their wifi.  The only disappointment came when my friend went in for her wax appointment; the esthetician discovered she didn't have enough wax.  She offered my friend a glass of champagne instead, which she shared with me.  Cheers!

Our massages were fantastic.  Mine was in the Ruby Room which was dimly lit and visually soothing.  My experience was great and I highly recommend getting a massage on the last day of all your trips. - Nadia

-As seen on Yelp


Zama Massage Therapeutic Spa

2149 NE Broadway Street
PortlandOregon 97232
Off street parking in back (compact cars only).

Phone: 503.281.0278


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